New Year`s

2013This past year has been a whirlwind. Weve seen Miley naked (not too shocking considering its Hollywood), seen a Hobbit movie that didnt really suck too much, and fallen in hate with the latest version of Windows, which they eventually made a little less obnoxious- if you click <a href="">here</a> to download the upgrade to 8.1. And, last but perhaps not least, I have finished a year on WordPress with all of you. It was a little bumpy, Ill admit. I started the year off with a bang and reliably gave you a post everyday. And then I faltered a little. And I might have missed a post here or there during the Summer. And finals. And… you know, life happens. And thats cool.</span>
<p style="text-indent:36px;margin:0;"><span style="font-family:'Courier New';font-size:12pt;">And sure, I did well enough on last year
s resolution implementation program (which is Business Major speak for “Ive got this grand goal, and now Im planning how to actually get it done and breaking it into itty bitty pieces.”) I didnt really hit the mark, but I didnt fall short as much as I usually do.

2014    But I want the new year to be a little different. Besides my plans of world domination and fame and glory, I want to make a goal that`s a little less definite. You know I`m a bit of a nerd, and I like to read old books, and whenever they talk about a New Year`s Resolution it`s all about virtues. You know; charity, chastity, faith. (That`s some unique ideas for baby names, too.) Things that you can do better in, without pesky numbers to tell you you`re a failure as a human. Or am I the only one that feels that way when I fall a little short?

So my plan is to aim for helpfulness. Maybe I`ll be a better room mate and do some cleaning when I see it needs to be done, even if it`s in the shared spaces and not just my room. Maybe I`ll mow the lawn in the front yard sometimes.

Probably I won`t do any of that. Probably, at the end of next year, I`ll be thinking, “Wow, I was really helpful that one second of the year.” (And really did nothing constructive the rest of the time.) Is that a failure? No. It`s not a specific goal, so if I did anything at all, I`ll have succeeded.

Good thing too. It`s kind of annoying to have all those goals and activities floating around, none of them ever really meeting my expectations. It`ll be nice to have met some part of a goal. So this might be waaaaaay less effort than I put into my to-do list, but it`ll feel waaay better. And that`s good. So I`ve decided that makes my goal good. Sound reasonable, huh?

What`s your New Year`s Resolution?

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