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One Lovely Blog Award

I received the One Lovely Blog award from Ajaytao 2010.

One Lovely Blog

I`m so honored to have so many friends in this community! Here is my second award (gained in a single week!) The rules? Easy peasy. All you have to do is show the blog picture in the post, link to your nominator, share seven things about yourself, pass the award on to seven people, and notify them on their blogs.

Seven things about me? I shall share them all. In poetic form. Because life is just more fun when you do things in an unexpected way!

When I dream I wish for things.

I wish to one day own a rabbit,

I wish to someday break bad habits,

I wish to cut down my 18 credits (!)

I wish to learn how to juggle,

I hope that someday running won`t be a struggle,

I wish to finish a 5k race,

I wish to try making candy,

I enjoy small kids who make a funny face.

My counting and artistry may be a bit off there, but this is one of those things you think up off the top of your head and move on from. No one`s really going to judge me for sloppy poetry when it had such specific parameters and was only meant for an award post anyways, right? Anyone? Bueller?

Anyways, time for the facts. The award was created by Works of Art by Sara as a way to recognize her favorite blogs. Recipients pay it forward by passing the award along to their favorite blogs.

Rules for the award:
  1. Add the logo to your blog.
  2. Link to the person from whom you received this award
  3. Nominate seven or more blogs
  4. Leave a message on their blog, letting them know they are “One Lovely Blog”


So, my nominations are difficult to decide, because I find so many wonderful blogs just coasting through the interwebs. But, if I had to pick a few of them, I would choose these. If you weren`t picked, I promise to link you up next time, because I think you are a great part of the blog world team too and if we had a gym class on the web I would drag you to my line if I were team captain, never fear. Although I kind of fear that super long sentence! 🙂

  1. Chasing Rabbits
  2. Tiny Fiction
  3. Hawk & Pidgeon
  4. We Should be Folding Laundry
  5. Middle Earth Foodie
  6. Fashion, Food, and Flirts
  7. Threat Quality
  8. David Emeron Sonnets

Thank you for being amazing and sharing that amazingness with all of us!

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