Seagull Sunset

In sunlight and starlight they sit by the sea

They look at the ocean,

And they look at me.

They dance and sway with the whims of the wind,

They speak and whisper of days coming again.

And when I hide my face,

And the light turns pale,

Then they are happy,

They have adventure again.

For from foreign tides new things alight,

Tangled and twisted in their growth.

And though their roots tether them here,

With these things they can travel afar.

Some are lost in Winter’s stormy waters

And some slowly drift out to sea,

But though parting with the shore their heart is never bothered,

For they can come closer to me.

And then I will shine brightly on them

In those last fleeting moments of light,

And my friend the water will take them on a foreign tide.

They’ll wash up in one of those foreign lands

They’d dreamed of so often before.

Their friends at the start do not know where these travelers have gone,

But when new things wash ashore,

Once again they can feel closer,

And closer  than when they were together before.

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