Dairy Free Yoghurts

If you are looking to go dairy free, you may have noticed some of the dairy replacement products out there are disappointing. Like the dairy free cheese. Sure, it’s completely vegan and dairy free, unless you count casein. You know, the milk protein. So that stuff isn’t really dairy free or vegan at all. What a headache!

It’s nice that the relatively recent introduction of dairy free yoghurts is much more satisfying. You can get individual cups or ‘family size’ packs, and it’s available in a few different plant milks and flavors. It was really exciting to me that I ran into two different varieties in two different grocery stores in the very same day, so I had to share a quick review of them.

Almond Milk

alm-yogurt-greek-blueberryThis was a yummy yoghurt choice. I haven’t really committed to going completely casein free (even though my doctor scolds me for it!) so I still occasionally have dairy yoghurt, and I have to say it’s a different creature from this. This yoghurt is a little firmer, like the texture of unstirred natural dairy yoghurt, but it resists being properly stirred so it always stays a little firmer than what I’m used to. The blueberries were mainly pureed with a little whole fruits thrown in. The taste was delicious, though!

Coconut Yoghurt

Blueberry coconut milk yogurtCoconut yoghurt is also a yummy choice. I found that this yoghurt came mixed up like a mainstream store’s yoghurt (even in dairy yoghurt there is a difference between natural and mainstream) and had a sweet flavor. You could taste the blueberries, but the coconut flavor was stronger than the almond in the almond yoghurt. This yoghurt was also sweetened, while the other one wasn’t, but it had more whole blueberries.


At the end of the day, both choices were yummy in their own way. I wouldn’t advise trying a soy yoghurt if you have to go dairy free due to allergy or intolerance, though, as soy’s proteins and sugars are very similar to dairy’s and many people who can’t handle dairy cannot tolerate soy as well. Actually, some people who can handle dairy can’t even handle regular doses of soy!

Which one would you prefer, and what other dairy alternatives have you tried?

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5 thoughts on “Dairy Free Yoghurts

  1. I’m a big fan of So Delicious, and their Greek almond milk is my current favorite too. I just wish they offered more flavors, but I guess that’s why vanilla exists- I often spruce it up with a bit of lemon or orange extract, instant coffee powder, or cinnamon.

    • It’s fun experimenting with your own yoghurt flavors. I like lemon blueberry, or cinnamon apple, or peaches and cayenne. It’s also less sugar overall if you add your own fruit or jelly 🙂

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