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The Bunnies are Coming. Right here, right now. You may have noticed this year that I’ve changed the name of the blog. This is now “Out of the Hat.” It sounds kind of cute and interesting, and it is loosely connected to the site address, which is still The Great Zambini. I guess I kind of like the theme of magic. I guess I`m a dreamer, through and through!

So, in honor of these drastic changes, I decided it was time to have an actual logo ish thing, or at least a grab button. I got the coding from Code It Pretty, and it may have been the least stressful HTML experience I’ve ever had. I mean, I’m kind of famous for being relatively computer disabled (for my generation, at least), so I was super excited I finally figured it out!

It was hard to make up my mind, but I think I found the perfect edition.

Here is option one:

logo1Here is option two:


Here is option Three

logo 3 Final

I knew this bunny was the right mascot for me, but I wasn’t sure how to dress her up in her role as spokesrabbit. But, after going back and forth on the first two, I realized they were a bit too, well, neon. Even for my tastes. So I decided this more subdued minty background and my initial were the better fit for the site’s new image. I think it’s a pretty snazzy look, no? If you look at the right of this page, she’s looking right at you, and we’re more than happy to share the code so you can tell the world what good bloggie friends we are 🙂 You can just copy and paste it into your Text widget if you use WordPress, or Gadget in Blogger.

Vote on Names!

Can’t decide on my mascot’s name, though. Gizmo, Gadget, Chenille, or Mochi. Some how they all seem like cute names to me. And, even if it’s a virtual mascot, every mascot needs a good name. So let’s vote on it! Send me in your favorite name suggestions

Feel free to vote and add extra changes to either one, I just want to put something up that will make sense! Though, Ill admit, both are more detailed than these things tend to be. Maybe Im just an excessive person. Anyways, I still want you to vote!

Please vote in the comments below!

*Update February 28th: After looking at the comments, the most popular name seemed to be Mochi. It makes sense, it’s an adorable name! Maybe some day I’ll get a real rabbit and name her that, but for now we have an adorable Mochi on my Gravatar, WordPress, and Twitter (@TheGreatZambini)

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8 comments on “New Direction”

  1. I like your hat. I do! I do! The pastel background is my pick, too, but I’d suggest offsetting your initial to the lower left in the hat (in the “shiny” vertical stripe”) instead of smack dab in the middle. As for your cute lil’ mascot, Mochi gets my vote. She looks like a coffee & chocolate bunny. 🙂 Congratulations on your blog name change!

      1. My mantra is “whatever works… for YOU.” Do what makes your heart happy! I have a friend who’s the Queen of OCD and I’m fascinated by her symmetrical mindset. Somehow it brings order to my offset world. See? You’re already impacting my perceptions. 🙂 Go for it!

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