Shauny Award


The Shauny Award

Dear Kitty of Some Blog nominated me for the sparkly new Shauny Award for blogging excellence. There aren’t really any rules for the award, which is pretty cool. I mean, freestyle awarding. How cool is that? I’m not really sure where the excellence is in my little blog, as I don’t really think I’m where I should be with it. But I love that there are people who love me a whole awful lot! I have some of the best blogging friends on Earth. No, really!

shaunyaw.jpg w=650

I’ve been scouting out some new-to-me blogs this past week while I was trying to keep up with all of my older blogging acquaintances, and I found an awful lot of lovely blogs out there. I’ve got blog envy! Glowing blog layouts and perfect photo shoots I can only dream of. But then, I can dream awfully well, so I hope someday I can think my blog is excellent too.

So here is a run down of a few of the amazing blogs I’ve been visiting lately which I think are pretty amazing, as well as some of my more long term blog friends.

You should head over and check them out, they rock!

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14 comments on “Shauny Award”

  1. Congratulations on being awarded The Shauny, and sincere thanks for passing it along to me. :) Excellence is such a subjective term… please don’t underestimate yours! You never know when your message, thoughts, or photos may make a difference in someone’s life. Again, congrats!

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