empty plates
Photo Courtesy of Ilene Ong, owner of an apparently now defunct blog.

Comes in like the plague

Clear out the pantry

Leave with new mudprints

I don’t know about you, but this looks like an average dinner to me a few years ago. Once I started to realize that gluten was a problem I ate a little less (my body started to recognize what I was eating as food), and when I realized there were some other problems with my diet I began to eat food more slowly. And when I began to eat mini meals once every three hours, well, my meals shrank to almost nothing, though if you added it all up it would probably still be a lot of food. But the teenage years were still the hungry years, and dinners were still kind of big, though that may have more been because I would stay up another six hours or so after eating!

Do you ever have problems with locust like diners in your family?


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