Children of Flames

Children of Flames

As some of my long term blog followers may know, I have narrowly avoided being a housefire victim, pretty much through every fault of my own. It was foolish carelessness on my part, and in the end the smoke damages were far greater than the fire, which staid resistant to the fire extinguisher but didn’t bother to spread at all.

Not everyone is so lucky with flames.Some are burned until there is hardly any skin left on them, and severe burn victims can also face terrible diseases and illnesses brought about by a weakened immune system as well as disfigured faces and bodies once they are healed that show the places their cartilage and bones have melted away. What a terrible thing to face!

One of my dear friends is a victim of a cruel disease that has similar effects to a a fire, she only has one layer of thin skin (healthy humans have three thick layers) and her skin heals poorly, so a small paper cut can leave her with an oozing wound a rush trip to the emergency room. She was born without any skin of her own, and her whole body is a network of different skin colors and dents where the skin grafts took poorly. Thankfully, hers is a rare disease that few in the entire world ever see, let alone grapple with. Burns are all too common.

It’s an expensive and intensive treatment for burn victims, and people the whole world over need help. There are US charities, South African charities, and UK, Australia, the Middle East, and thousands more. Burns are something that occur all over the world and leave victims that are scared of the world. If you have the money, please donate to the charity nearest to your heart or home, and if you have the time, please train your whole house on fire prevention and create a fire escape plan for each room of the house or apartment.

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