Mean Green Sweetheart

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI decided to simply slather on whatever green nail polishes came to mind, and I’ve got to say it worked. I love the look of this manicure! (I’m sorry for the door messing up the background, I don’t own Photoshop or anything else…) And I was able to pull it all together with free drawn pale lavender French tips. It says “look at me!!!” while also being kind of cute. And how could you not love a manicure with the best scarf on Earth in the background? (In my closet, all good scarves are gifts from Middle Eastern friends. Their culture makes the best scarves, and for good reason.)

Nailpolish, #Unfiltered

Nailpolish, #Unfiltered

Here’s a small piece of my nail polish collection, used in the manicure in anticipation of the end of this month and the beginning of St. Patrick’s Day’s month. Yes, now the holiday has stretched into a whole month. You can even call it retro, since emerald was last year’s Pantone color of the year, though you know how much attention I paid to that.

From the left, the nail polishes used were: Piggy Polish in Mermaid, (which I think you can’t buy anymore), Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Green With Envy, Revlon Minted (my favorite color and personal color of the year!!! I really love it!!!), Milani in 3D (a dollarstore find I can’t find online), and Nicole by Opi Emerald Empowered.

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