A Mystery

“Any word yet on what’s causing it?” The clock in the corner hit the hour, letting out a deep gong sound.

            The other man shook his head. “Your highness, it’s simply an unexplainable phenomena. The atmospheric layers are somehow changing colors, leaving giant rifts, emitting foul odors. We simply don’t know enough about the current situation to be capable of solving it,” he answered.

            There came a knock at the door. Another man in drab and serviceable cloths, obviously part of the wait staff, poked his head in. “Your highness, my lord, there seems to be a disruption in the West Wing, and I thought you were best equipped to handle it.

            “A disturbance,” the prince growled. “What else can possibly go wrong today? Are there ladies fighting over my brother again?” Darien chuckled as they both walked into the corridor. Though the study and palace offices were in the East Wing, the distant din was easily discernable. A woman was flying down the hallway when she caught sight of both of them and started dragging them back to where she had just left.

            “It’s terrible, simply terrible,” she sobbed.            

            “What is,” Aeron said, barely restraining his impatience.

            She was too distraught to notice, clutching at his arm with white knuckles. “That,” she said. She raised one trembling arm to point ahead. There was a dead woman on the floor.

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