Month: March 2014

Improving Our Libraries

I feel that libraries are being crowded out by instant streaming and monthly subscription unlimited ebook plans. They’re sort of the dinosaurs of government, moving right up there with the US Post Office and Detroit’s famous blacksmith position. Some efforts to improve the problem include the famous bookless library model, but that has too many

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Frozen In Time

A quick idea for today: freezing eggs. If you can buy a few more eggs on sale, or somehow you’ve got hens laying a bumper crop (if you do, I can bet you don’t live within an hour of me!) you can freeze them. You can freeze them in their shells tonight, then peel off

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Very Inspiring Poets

Very Inspiring Poet Award I posted the first edition of this poetry blog award here.  I’ll admit it, that post was written in my first year of blogging, and I hadn’t really met even half of the amazing blog friends I have now, just a short time later. So the post did link to four

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I have a Dream, that Love May Come For Toothbrushes!

Was this title in poor taste? It did rather hint at MLK, the much lauded search for true love, and… and dental care. I know, it doesnt sound exciting. And it really shouldnt. All of that saliva, and gum disease, not to mention the rank stench of decay coming from patients who obviously skip a

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