I have a Dream, that Love May Come For Toothbrushes!

Was this title in poor taste? It did rather hint at MLK, the much lauded search for true love, and… and dental care. I know, it doesnt sound exciting. And it really shouldnt. All of that saliva, and gum disease, not to mention the rank stench of decay coming from patients who obviously skip a daily brush. Strike that, they obviously skip a monthly brush!

Talk about a bunch of bleeding hearts. Or should I be saying bleeding gums in this case? How else can you explain donating 100 toothbrushes to the local elementary school when we could have hogged them for our own supply?


Toothbrushes are probably the least frequently donated item out there. It doesn’t really make sense to me, though. Did you know that Medicare and Medicaid cover basically only extreme dental emergencies, and then a fraction of the cost of surgeries that can cost tens of thousands of dollars?It’s much cheaper for a poverished family to brush their teeth regularly and get a check up at the dentist’s at least every five years (it’s recommended by the ADA that you visit the dentist twice a year).

Why is dental care so important, besides preventing expensive surgeries? Your mouth is the gateway for a ton of germs, and it’s pretty darn close to major arteries and your brain. Extreme cases of gingivitis can break through the blood brain barrier and infect the bloodstream or the brain itself. That stinks for anybody, because being sick as a dog is a terrible experience in general. But if you are also wondering how you can make it through the three shifts you need to feed your children when you are stuck in a hospital bed, that’s absolutely terrible.

So my Mother’s dental office donated the sample brushes sent by the Crest company. This on top of inviting children on the ‘free or reduced lunch’ program at the elementary school in to the office for free check ups and cleanings. It doesn’t gain anybody money, and it actually costs the company a bit to do, but it’s the right thing to do. You can help by donating new toothbrushes to a food pantry or similar group.

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