Very Inspiring Poets

Very Inspiring Poet Award

I posted the first edition of this poetry blog award here.  I’ll admit it, that post was written in my first year of blogging, and I hadn’t really met even half of the amazing blog friends I have now, just a short time later. So the post did link to four other amazing blogs, but there are so many other amazing poets in the blogosphere that it would be a crying shame not to include them. So I’m here today to remedy that situation.

Very Inspiring Poet AwardBut it’s also time to update that award graphic. It’s not really very inspiring, is it? It’s a little sad and lonely. I don’t really like lonely, so I want to fix it up!

Version 2.0The banner itself is a lot more inspiring, isn’t it? It’s lighter, and cuter with the faux plaid borders. Well, I think it’s cuter at least, even if you don’t,so mah on you if you disagree! (Seriously, though, tell me what you think in the comments below, I don’t bite!) Please, please, please don’t include the old badge on your post. Don’t even look at it ever again. It wasn’t pretty when I made it, and it’s really embarrassing now that I’ve been around enough better bloggers (than me!) to know it’s embarrassing! 🙂

Badge Rules:

  • Feature the badge in a post
  • Nominate 5 other bloggers for the award (Nominating isn`t like the live and in person world. A nomination is winning the award, it doesn`t mean you are waiting to maybe win if the board agrees or something, you`ve just won it.)
  • Let those people know they`ve been nominated by posting a comment on their blog
  • Link back to this post or this blog, Out of The Hat, as well as the nominator’s post or blog.
  • Write at least four poems a year (That`s one per season)

See, that’s not so hard is it? Other awards make you do ten or more nominees, and this is only five. A piece of cake! You can do that right now in ten minutes or so. It’s an easy award! If you feel that this is a project you support and love, you can also put up a site badge for the award. Feel free to use some other image, just be sure it has the words and the proper links attached to it. Or you could take it easy and simply include the banner on your blog’s site. (HTML information on the right side of the page!)Easy is good, right? So it would be good if you posted this. Just sayin’!

Wow, saying all of this stuff makes me feel bossy. I did an edit on the rules, including making the site banner or widget an optional thing now, though I’d really love it if you did it anyways! But I realize that not everyone’s blog theme supports widgets, or limits how many they can have, and I didn’t want the rules of the award to be such a bother no one would bother with it. And that, of course, is because I really just want to spread the poetry writing love! 

So, who did I nominate to be the first winners of the award in the original post? Why don’t you click here to see. They are still great bloggers, but I want to share more blogging poets with you, so I’ll list them below. I am not a recipient of the award, I am the admin, I guess you could say, so I’m going to put up a lot more award winners on this post. You don’t have to do so many, as you only officially have to post five names, but you can feel free to add as many more as you’d like!

Just so you know, these people aren’t on this list merely because they write poetry. They are here because their posts make me dream, and feel, and think in new ways, and get soothed and angered and lovesick from a stanza and nostalgic from a haiku and so many other poetry styles and experiments and things I’ve never even seen before. I wrote these names down because I feel they are really doing something, not because by writing them out they can do something for me by spreading this badge. That would be rather putting the cart before the horse, and I can see any call to do such a thing here. So thank you, everyone I tagged, for inspiring me, and thank you dear readers for letting me share this with you. <3

Who would you nominate for the Very Inspiring Poet Award?


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