Month: April 2014

Southwest Nachos

Hot Sauce Scaredy Cat Ive reached food enlightenment. In my past travels <a title=”Loveland Cafe” href=””>to Colorado</a>, I discovered a culture centered on hot sauce. And <a title=”Benson Sculpture Park” href=””>statues</a> and <a title=”Fantastic Fritter” href=””>fritters</a> and <a title=”Denver Aquarium” href=””>aquariums</a> and <a title=”Loveland Cafe” href=””>gluten free brownies</a> in a cafe. My family there had shelves with a collection of

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A Monumental Repair

The freak Earthquake of 2011 surprised Eastern residents of the United States, as it was an unprecedented (for the region, it was pretty wimpy in the history of the world overall) 5.8 on the Richter Scale. This meant that many old buildings were pretty shook up and needed some intensive repairs. (Well, old in The

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Today’s Playlist

Lately I’ve had a few songs stuck in my head. And I figure, if these songs are driving me crazy, they might as well drive you crazy too. But let me clarify: they are really good songs. They are driving me crazy because they are good, and I like them, and I occasionally have a

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A New Angle: A Photo Tour

I’ve been playing around with experimental photography, as you’d know if you saw Night Lights. Today we are looking at shots taken from odd angles of a bridge over the Chesapeake. This bridge has brought me to and from my trips to Chincoteague over the past few year, the site of a lot of photography

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