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Courtesy of The Zeitgeist Movement’s blog

Lately I’ve had a few songs stuck in my head. And I figure, if these songs are driving me crazy, they might as well drive you crazy too. But let me clarify: they are really good songs. They are driving me crazy because they are good, and I like them, and I occasionally have a pessimistic nature that leads me to believe that there is a very limited supply of creative things that I like out there in the world. I mean, I like your blogs, and a lot of the photos and posts you share with me. I like them alot. But if you wander through the bookstore and all you can find are thick tomes of empty pages and albums that sound exactly the same as the last ten albums other artists in that genre came out with, well, you can understood why I might be feeling a little jaded right now. Maybe my musical naivete has worn off and the rose colored lenses have cracked, but that is simply how I see the world right now.

Except for these. These are pretty songs, good songs, real songs. Many of them are not of this time period, or language. They aren’t blasting out of your speakers right now. But that can be a good thing. It can be fun-ner that way. Sort of like occasionally breaking the rules of writing and spelling ‘fun-er’ instead of the proper word ‘better’ can be fun. That’s me, always living on the edge.

So please try a few of these songs for yourself, and laugh at my silly choices or choose to look into them more.

I love this song, The Martian Hop. It is absolutely ridiculous, and I couldn’t stop laughing the first time I heard it. You have to listen carefully to hear the narrator’s story, because the chorus of “Mee Mee Ma Bop/ Mee Mee Ma Bop” can be a little louder than the story, but it’s really fun either way. I first stumbled onto this because my Sirius radio is usually tuned to the 40’s on 4 channel (Yes, I like to listen to my grandma’s kind of music.) And it was such a funny song, I had to look it up on Youtube so I could watch it again. There appears to have been a cover done in the eighties where you can hear the narrator a lot better, but you have to listen to the original first! 🙂

This is just a such a haunting song. The opening scene of “The Pink Panther: Shot in The Dark”, a classic comedy I absolutely love, it shows scenes where different people float and flit between different bedrooms at night. Wonder why they’re doing that? Anyways, the song itself details a woman who only is allowed to meet with her beloved at night, and eventually realizes it is because she is being cheated on. It’s very sad, and I somehow love those kind of melodies. And who doesn’t love an alto? Altos are usually supporting vocalists, and I love when they star center stage.

This is a sweet song. I love the music video itself, of two people tracing the strings of a tin can phone to find their true loves on the other end. It sounds so soft, and soothing. I love the soothing forest background and the cute bohemian styling.

A cover of Bohemian Rhapsody done by The Muppets. I didn’t much care for them as a child, but I have to say the Youtube shorts have been hilarious. All advertisements for future movies, of course, but I loved the Swedish Chef’s cook off with Chef Ramsey. Rainbow Connection is also a song, an original one that I’ve also taken a liking to recently. Not that the song is recent, of course.

I find this music video hilarious. Created by Above Average Media, whatever that means, the theme is a dance team that practices hard to win a dance off at the end of the video. I don’t know why I find it so amusing, there is nothing slapstick or truly ribald about it. But then, I tend to dislike ribald, so it makes sense I wouldn’t find it too funny. Anyways, I also thought their video New Romance was hilarious, and it was sort of a slapstick/grim comedy. I know that makes no sense on paper (or screen for that matter), but that’s just how things work. Go look at the video and you’ll get what I mean. I don’t get what show it’s a spoof of, though, since that was before I bothered to watch tv, if I was alive at all back then. I’m still in college, remember.

Hot Summer. I love this video. I like to watch K Pop music videos because they are usually hilarious, but I also can’t stop staring at the giant cactus earrings the one star is wearing the whole time. Cactus earrings. ‘Nuff said. The zebra stripe tanks are also pretty cool, and this is one of the few female idol groups in Korea that has a tomboy. Somehow I love them just for that. I don’t really get much of what is being said, as I’m studying Japanese language and not Korean, but it’s pretty cool regardless.

I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen the ‘crazy girlfriend’ meme. This one has a crazy stalker boyfriend, and it’s the famous Alexander Rybak himself acting the part, so I think that’s pretty fun. I mean, the video itself makes me laugh, but seeing a celebrity acting something besides pompous and white knight is a nice break for me. And I just love Alexander Rybak’s music. Who doesn’t love a trilingual person? How many of those are there out in the world, anyways? Well, lots of people around me are. But, as I’ve said before, DC area people are not really the same as other people. Anyways, watch this video, and all the rest of the songs he’s written, and especially the ones written in not-English. And that accent you can here in this one. I think I’ll move to East Europe some day, I just love it! The haunting music. The food. Everything. (Let’s leave me with these day dreams and not share stories of stark reality, shall we? I’m purposefully blind to the Olympic’s #SochiProblems)

There are more songs I like. Many more. But you are now bored, and my fingers are a little tired of tap tap tapping, so I think it will be best if we part ways on this post now. Please check out the songs and tell me what you think!


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