A Monumental Repair

The freak Earthquake of 2011 surprised Eastern residents of the United States, as it was an unprecedented (for the region, it was pretty wimpy in the history of the world overall) 5.8 on the Richter Scale. This meant that many old buildings were pretty shook up and needed some intensive repairs. (Well, old in The States, almost everything here is a baby compared to the antiquities of the rest of the world.)

That means that our Nation’s Capitol faced a lot of big repairs. Most famous of them, though, would have to be the Washington Monument repairs. An obelisk stuck on the end of the reflecting pond (a man made structure that captures and pools the Potomac river) in the middle of the city of DC itself- read: the political end of the region- this structure has had a cage of steel around it ever since. Whether this cage is meant to prevent the building from running away or to keep it in jail, we’ll never fully know, but the time when it will be taken down is coming. Repairs and construction are due to finish at the end of Spring this year, and with the speed repairs have been made in so far, it seems likely they will make the due date. After all, in the last few weeks I’ve only seen a few feet of scaffolding left, so looks like removal of the cast is coming soon.

So, that means that pretty soon this photo I took will be a rare thing in deed. Anyone want it? The bidding starts at a doughnut (gluten free, of course!) and a smile. Any takers?



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