The Tailor is in

I had an old sun dress I loved, but I couldn’t stand the revealing bodice, so I decided it was time for a makeover…


Sometimes we have that one piece of clothing that reminds us of special things. I have an older sun dress that reminds me of bonfires, and playing cards in rickety camp chairs, of snuggling into my blanket while the sun goes down on a picnic. So many magical memories. And yet, none of those things makes up for a bodice I’ve long since outgrown, and straps that are too thin to disguise undergarments, and a skirt that is just too darn short from the empire waist for me. My solution? Chop off the bodice, and without the top the empire waist became a lovely waist band for my now perfectly decent skirt.


There it is, the sad dress. Even in the photo you can tell is short. So I started off by carefully removing the stitches connecting the bodice to the empire waistband. This will also work for a regular waist band if the skirt is long enough for your taste.


Next you’ll need to remove any stray threads left by the seam ripper. After that, you’ll want to cut an elastic waistband to the number of inches, or centimeters, your waist is around where you like skirts to sit. Remember, if you like a higher waist, or a drop waist, measure what you want. I just like a natural waist, so I measured for that.


You’ll need to sew together the elastic. I made a square of stitches, and filled that with an x of stitches. I don’t really want it to come loose and fall off while I’m out and about. If you tend to have the numbers on the scale bounce back and forth, you may want to still do that shape, but with more loosely spaced stitches for easy removal and change for size fluctuations.


Now you can put the elastic in, pin it up, and sew it closed!


I finished this skirt in about two days, it may take you more or less time based on the size of the skirt. I had grand plans to add a pocket made from the otherwise discarded bodice, but it hasn’t been smooth sailing, so I’ll update you if I ever finish that.


Do you have any up upcycling or re fashioning ideas for otherwise unloved closet lurkers?

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