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Back from my one month of vacation! I know most bloggers like to take a month or two off from blogging in Winter, but I’d rather have my cake and eat it too- so I like to take May off as well as December, or thereabouts.

Anyways, along with my bloggy vacation, I’ve been enjoying the full benefits of time off from Uni. Working, working a few more hours, and traveling to name a few! What with weeks spent zipping here and there and only a few hours at home for repacking, followed by weeks of working as many shifts as I possibly can to make up for working zero shifts during the busy academic year, I really haven’t had the time to properly upgrade my luggage. I keep packing smaller bags, with fewer essentials, every time I travel somewhere (it feels like I’m leveling up as a traveling to be able to pack so light! :3) and I’ve found that my old packing system- every type of object is gathered together into a bag or mesh cube with other similar ones, like pj’s in one bag and jewelry in another- has some essential flaws. Namely, that a these packing bags have become too big, and take up extra space when mostly empty and paired down to only a few essentials. So I’ve come up with an on the fly absolutely free alternative. It’s ugly- I’ll get to making a pretty and permanent version someday- but for now it does the job, and is recycling to boot!


Fist, I cut up this travel sized toothpaste box. I get a freebie one every time I go to the Dentist. You can count it as an extra benefit if you do need to buy some travel toothpaste (once you get one tube you can easily refill it forever, so don’t re-buy!) or use some other small box. Anyways, I cut off the messy tab ends, and then cut triangles into the corners. Be sure to not make the triangles too small.

wpid-wp-1432524029048.jpegAnd there you have it! I threaded a necklace through the holes, and joined the clasp on the inside of the box so it can’t be jostled and undone in my travel bag. Then I tucked up the excess length of the necklace in a really loose knot and slipped it inside the box. No tangling, damage, or mess will happen to it now if I throw it into my bag, and it will pack up really small in case you want to go carry-on only on your next trip.


I also have this handy little earring keeper. I just used a scrap of paper- pictured here is a bit of a flap of envelope from some junk mail- and I poked my earrings through. The fishooks have those rubbery little earring keepers on the back so it won’t just slip out, and of course the backings for the post earrings are on too, so these are very unlikely to get messed up in my bag.

I personally like to keep my luggage ready to go at all times, and I have toiletries and accessories that I store in my luggage even when I’m not traveling so that I could go out and travel at a moment’s notice. To do this, I’d recommend that you not use your favorite things- it would be sad if you never got to use them again in your daily life, or you had to go through the hassle of digging through your bag each time.

Ah, and see the scarf I have as a backdrop? I always like to keep one tucked into my bag as well. It’s great for over air-conditioned planes and cars, or walking in a breezy place like the seaside, or even for some protection against an unexpected drizzle (though if a lot of rain is expected an umbrella is still your best bet.)

What handy little hacks do you have for packing and traveling?


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