On the Go

When I leave the house for the day, I sometimes get a little nervous. I always worry that I might run into some sort of little emergency that at the very least well be a real inconvenience for the rest of the day, if not an outright embarrassment.
Then I had an aha moment! Bring all the essentials in a tiny bag that will fit in even my smallest purse or pocket, but won’t get lost in a bigger bag like small things trend to do by them self.


It’s about three inches long, and two inches high. Plenty of space for what you need if you do some clever maneuvering and really pack it full.


There it is, all laid out- and I still have room for a little more! From the bottom and clockwise below the contents follow:

Stain pen,
Eyeshadow quartet,
Eyeliner, (naturally dark eyelashes, but sparse)
Glasses cleaning cloth,
Breath drops,
Go-between, (gets stuck spinach and the like on anyone, or helps if you have braces)
Long and short Bobby pins and clips,
Ponytail holder (makes an instant ballerina bun too),
Mini chapstick,
Compact mirror,
Post earrings on a scrap of paper,
Mini sewing kit,
Nail file,
Beeswax hand cream (great on chapped lipids too),
Red lip shimmer,

I have some variables to my pack. In summer I typically switch out the hand cream with citronella beeswax cream (more effective than liquid bug spray, and it still works great on chapped lips, knees, and hands.) I haven’t gotten to it yet, but hopefully I will before the seasons change!
I also like to throw in a single folded up tissue, but I haven’t replaced the last one yet as I have it to someone just yesterday.
I also plan to get a small push up sun lotion the size of the chopstick to retouch my ears and noise if I decide to go to a summer concert or visit a fair after work.

Do you have a small pack too? What do you think I should add- or take out? If you don’t have one, do you like the idea? Drop my any comment and talk to me 🙂


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