The Hand of Destiny: Organic Tattoos

I recently went to a Summer festival, full of carnival games and delicious sweet and fried tidbits. I ate a yummy fruit tart (gluten free, of course) sold by a local bakery, and actually won a round in that impossible milk bottle toss game. And then, I noticed a little both on the outskirts of the others, and quickly jumped over for a chance to get some henna designs on my hand.

Real henna is a natural and organic type of long lasting temporary tattoo, made by mixing dried and powdered leaves out a Middle Eastern tree together with essential oil. The mixture is put in a small plastic baggie and piped out like frosting, and the result is a puffy paint like design, that will eventually dry out and flake off leading the flat stained design behind. It it’s absolutely gorgeous looking, and I like that it’s more sophisticated then spooned on fake tattoos, but also less permanent than a real tattoo. I like change too much to be happy with anything permanent!


The nail art you see here is based on watercolor techniques. I put on a light background color, and applied colors on top with a fan brush that had been dipped in water before the polish. If you are interested in the dramatic nail style you may want to look at my post on rainbow crackled nails, or for a dreamier look at my post on an minty heart manicure.

What are your thoughts on henna, and other forms of body art?


Hiya pal, please share your thoughts! :)