Let me Give You a Hand: Greening Your Cleaning

Now, for me at least, Winter is a mere memory of distant times. This is especially true because I currently have no working AC. None! Against soaring temperatures and horrible humidity, I can tell you I am glad to go to an air conditioned office every day. I’ve broken out all the spaghetti straps and crop tops and clothes I normally don’t really like to wear in an effort to keep cool, at least while at home. Except for one thing. Even though all my wintry gear has been packed up and set aside long since, one special item has been saved. Socks!


Yep, my  chenille fuzzy socks are still at large in my collection. Though I do occasionally wear them in place of slippers when I’m at home, they are far too hot to wear in the middle of July, but they are the perfect thing for dusting and cleaning! Since I’ve been leaving my windows open in the off chance that a little breeze will come in, I noticed my yucky window sills and did a late night cleaning party. Fuzzy socks (chenille) pick up dust and gunk better than micro fiber cleaning cloths in the awkward nooks and crannies a window inevitably has, and the fluffy fabric actually holds on to dust bunnies, rather than letting it all go when you lift your hand for even a second like normal dust cloths seem to do. I like to stick them on a Swiffer, or put one on my hand like a glove for detail dusting of knick knacks, of course as well as window sills. It’s also a good way to re-use any hole ridden or ugly or otherwise unwanted socks for a new, useful, purpose- or even just not let a still functional article go to waste in the off season.

Do you have any good little tips for free (or close enough to it) to make cleaning less of a hassle? Do you have any ideas for making cleaning more fun? Or something like this?


Hiya pal, please share your thoughts! :)