Game of Chance in Nail Art


Summer time means a lot of road trips for my family, and that means a lot of time eating out. While we wait for our food to come we like to break out a pack of cards and play a quick round (sometimes three if it takes a while or we are moving quick!) of rummy, though of course over the years we’ve developed some of our own house rules to add to some of the fun of it. It’s a great idea we started when all my siblings were in their teens, as it lets us do something with our hands and eyes and avoids a lot of the awkwardness of teens and family conversations, as well as letting people talk without feeling pressured by any occasional silences.

In honor of those fond experiences I designed this quick cards and dice inspired dot mani, using Margarita purple and Jahnavi champagne polishes from Julep. (Read more about my Julep experience here.)

A subtle but fun look that works at a barbeque and still looks fresh and polished in a cool-girl way for the office. Have fun designing your own, and be sure to share in the comments!


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