Rosy Outlook: A Poem

The world is alive and bright right now. I dread returning to a Winter anything like the last, full of peacoats and runny noses and bodies that just could not get warm in negative degrees regardless of the layers of wool you wore. Eew. But we are not in Winter, not where I live at least, we are in full swing with Summer and I wanted to take the time to appreciate one of my favorite parts of the season- flowers!

A Rosy Outlook

I have been digging deep and spreading wide,

and now my leaves face the sky,

As I poke my face into the world for the first time.

Rose Bud

This world is bright and wide,

and friendly as the butterflies that zoom by,

Though some still chase after my leaves,

and others happily munch on me.

Hide and Seek

Photo from The Great Zambini

Though I try to hide still they nibble on my hide,

and slowly my strength withers away.

But I am still happy for every day

I bloomed and left a smile on your face.


Photo from The Great Zambini

These are my yellow Knockout Roses, in case you were interested. They aren’t actually as hardy as cheap grocery store gift rose plants in my experience, which is a bummer considering I paid a premium for practically guaranteed diseases free blooms that are absolutely riddled with rot and powdery mildew that I constantly fight against. (unlike, again, my cheap $5 rose plants.) But they are still gorgeous and I’m still a proud owner of my babies.

If you have any photography, art, flowers, or gardening know how (like this, this, or this) you’d like to share, please put it in the comments and share your nifty thoughts with me 😉


2 thoughts on “Rosy Outlook: A Poem

  1. hmmmm…..I wonder who wrote these words?….”I love Winter. It is such a beautiful season. I realize now that I`ve actually done most of my Winter time posts complaining that I wanted Spring! It`s not quite true. Winter may actually be my favorite season, so I think I need to share some of my love for it now.”

    Winter IS my favourite season, but then, in Canada it is normal to say so. Beautiful roses and beautiful sentiments.

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