With Racism Here’s Something To Ponder

Dr.Suess's story about prejudice: The Sneetches

Dr.Suess’s classic story about prejudice and self esteem: The Sneetches  

I feel like humor is, as in the past, being used in this modern world to share major societal problems and concerns in a non-confrontational way. I mean, nobody really listens when the crazed right wing/left wing starts yelling at them that the government should be done their way and everyone else is stupid. When you hear stupid, you tend to block people out. Unless you like being insulted or bullied. I’m not going to judge you if you do, but that’s just not really something I enjoy myself.

So someone makes a big issue into a joke, and we laugh, and we maybe even think about it a little. So, I guess that means that comedians are secret ninja political activists, so stealthy you don’t even know you are listening to a very entertaining version of a soapbox rant. I think that this post right here may be the first time anyone has ever claimed comedians are subtle too! But some of these things are real issues. Things that I could ponder and debate on a sunny day.

Racial Stereotypes

This is a humorous ‘documentary’ on the concept that people can identify with a racial culture besides their own. Yes, I know it’s a little juvenile and some of the jokes in it can rub people the wrong way, but the main point here is the concept that your skin color is supposed to define how you act, and those of your own race can exclude you if you don’t act like the stereotype the group has assigned themselves. Though ‘outside in‘ racism, where outsiders mock and exclude members of a race, is still a shockingly pervasive problem in this modern world, ‘inside out’ racism where the race requires other members of the same race to act according to some set code is something that I see all too frequently where I live, in DC. This may be because everyone craves to separate themselves in some way from the thousands of other cultures in the area, but it also is an excuse for bullying and demeaning individuals.

Gender Stereotypes

This is, according to the page comments, a hilarious video of a gay cheerleader going all out. I’m not so sure why it’s hilarious, though, or why it’s assumed that being a male cheerleader makes you gay. I’ve never really understand this concept of ‘manly’ versus ‘feminine’ I suppose, as you can probably tell if you look at my last post in a similar vein. I mean, I am a girl, and I love to wear dresses and makeup and go to tea parties. But I am a girl, and I drool at aquariums and fish and think quantum physics is fascinating and I really want a motorcycle.  Feminists have worked hard for decades to make sure I can feel that way without being criticized, and if someone were to hurt me in an irrevocable way (insert imagination here) I would be able to get support and justice. But men? Men aren’t allowed to enjoy baking cupcakes, or growing roses, or dancing, or care how they look, or do lots of fun things without their orientation being questioned. They aren’t supposed to face physical abuse, or have hurt feelings, and there is little support for them if they do. What does your love life have to do with your hobbies and interests? I don’t understand at all, and I think in some ways that’s better than understanding and agreeing with these perceived limitations. Besides, femininity and masculinity changes every century or so. in the 1800’s pink was considered a strong color associated with men, and the sciences like astronomy were reserved for women while men were considered better off in the ‘thinking arts’ like languages and composition. I know that in Japan the stereotype is that men spend money wastefully, while in another culture women are supposed to be slobs while men are clean freaks. Who comes up with these rules, anyways? A person is a person, and you don’t learn to doubt that unless gender differences are drilled into you at a young age.

Income Stereotypes

I’m sure you’ve all seen the hashtag #firstworldproblems, where the internet reminds you that you have food, water, shelter, and security, and you shouldn’t sweat the tiny problems you go through in life. And that’s completely true. Maybe. If you have a friend dying of cancer and a relative got kidnapped for ransom while traveling and you were fired from your job two years ago and you’ll be kicked out of the house tomorrow, well, maybe you aren’t such a wimp. I mean, no matter where a person was born in this world, they will face heartache and pain and be left with scars. Maybe rather than focusing on categorizing other’s pain as ‘worthy of notice’ or ‘insignificant’, we should work on helping everyone we can, and give everyone the benefit of the doubt because it can be truthfully assumed that they have gone through, are going through, and will be going through some pretty rough stuff. So, not to sound like a hippy, but you should spread the love and stuff. But let’s only spread platonic love and keep romantic love focused on only one person, shall we?

Religion Stereotypes

This may be one that absolutely kills me. You can look at this post here to see how this anti-x religion feeling irritates me when directed at myself. But it also bothers me that there are others out there that are attacked for either their religion or even an assumed religion, when skin color and traditional clothing choices somehow adds up to terrorism in the case of my Islamic friends. And I say friends, because I personally have gone through school and been friends with many people who were muslim and of Middle Eastern descent, and Jewish and of Middle Eastern descent, and even Coptic Christians who were Middle Eastern by birth. Heck, I even know plenty of Atheist and Deist Middle Easterners. Terrible people can and will hide under the name of a religion to lead public criticism to aim itself at the true believers and earnest followers of those sects, though they believe it’s all hogwash. That’s like saying Westboro Church (which is widely recognized as being not a church at all but a scheme to irritate people into assault for lawsuit profits) is comparable to Christian and Mormon churches, even though every major Christian denomination has rejected them as being a Christian group in any way.

Self Stereotypes.

This may be the one thing that irritates me the very most. I hate it when people say “I’m no good”, “I want to join, but I just don’t do that sort of thing”, and more. Why do you limit yourself to who you have been in the past? Why don’t you allow yourself the freedom to try new things?

Where do you stand on these issues? What do you think is the worst form of prejudice?

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