Stalker Creeper Rehab


This photo basically represents my presence on WordPress for the last two years. After having a few posts here and there in 2015, I literally did not upload a single post during the worst years of college. I also did not eat much, caught two cases of mono, and developed a sleeping disorder when I had always previously been the kind of person who fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Basically all of this is to say that I barely survived, and losing my connection to you guys was one of the last things I was willing to do because I love our connection so much- but I didn’t actually stay completely away from blogs. I instead just haunted my blogging friend’s websites like the creepy awkward blog stalker I think all bloggers have somewhere inside of their hearts but didn’t take the time to comment on anything or make any of my own posts and basically went through the blogosphere as an invisible ghost (again, because I barely had time to breathe and I basically didn’t sleep for two years straight.)

Now here I am, loose in the adult world. I actually have a job that leaves a good chunk of time for blogging, because I literally signed up to be a professional writer as my career now. I just spend hours tap tap tapping away on my keyboard trying to finish revising another chapter in a book, or research my marketing and business plans for selling all the chapters in my book(s).  If you want to read more about that you can click over to my uber professional-ish writing blog. K.G. Wilkie is what I publish as for my YA books, but I also love the community I found on this blog and I love creating informative creative nonfiction writing, so I also am working towards publishing my first book here as well.

I have grown a little in the last few years, however, so instead of my future posts on this blog being randomly arranged between every type of category and theme possible in the world, I am now zoomed in and uber focused on the content I want for this blog- specifically to make posts aimed for the creative professional’s lifestyle. Think artists, musicians, writers, designers, and any other creative profession or professional who takes a creative approach to their work. Think Washingtonian meets Pinterest.

Hopefully my years in business school and my experience as a real organic homegrown creative person will be super useful for this niche convergence of topics- actually, realistically, I’m not sure what else could possibly so perfectly fit an overlap of these two drastically different themes than writing like this.

So if you are one of the 100 people who stuck around and stayed following me through a multi-year dry spell, kudos to you for being astoundingly loyal and amazing. And if you find this post and you’ve only just started to follow my writing, hopefully this explains where I’m at, where I’m trying to go, and why a dry spell will never happen again- at least partially because I learned that guest posts were a thing and if I get sick or overwhelmed I can always ask a friend to cover for me instead of just feeling like a failure and giving up on the whole thing.



Hiya pal, please share your thoughts! :)