Sporting Good Fun to be Found In These Weird Sports You’ll Want to Try!

pexels-photo-382177I dislike sports.

Oh, sure, I like some of them. I like badminton, and sometimes I dabble in running (I just hate it when I’m forced to run), and sometimes I like to do yoga in snazzy outfits. I like Piloxing, and doing weird classes and such. I like doing lots of things.

But I don’t like doing one thing, over and over and over. I get bored pretty darned fast.

So when you feel like I do, and want to do a fun social activity that’s something new, you probably have a lot more options than you thought. There are a lot of crazy sports out there that are super fun and deserve more notice, and that’s where you and I come in.

One easy way to find a sport you’ve never heard of before- which means you haven’t gotten bored sick of it yet so the grossness of feeling sweaty is minimized by the joy of novelty- is to do a sport from a different culture. As an American the standard sports people either play or have watched are football, basketball, baseball, or cheerleading. Or if you live in the DC area like I do then soccer is king of all women’s sports and practically every girl who grew up here was on an SYC team (local sports club) OR they and their parents dreamed of getting an elusive soccer scholarship to college so they did travel soccer and had no freetime or weekends ever again. Until they got to highschool when of course they played competitively on the school team if they made the cut.

I enjoyed my first few years of soccer myself- chasing butterflies, talking to the other girls on the defense while the ball was doing stuff on the other end of the field, and occasionally kicking a ball as far away from me as I could in any random direction which is definitely what you want your defensive players to do. Needless to say by the end of Elementary when everyone was very serious about the sport and I was still distracted by clouds and chatting I think everyone- coaches, teammates, and myself- knew it was time for me to move on to something a little less intense.

Which is how I discovered badminton even though very few people have played the sport ever let alone as an actual sport unless a rare few individuals who were either Asian American or Asian immigrants.

Which brings me back to my original point: there are actually thousands of different sports out there. Just because you have not found one you like, or you’ve grown bored of the sport you used to like, doesn’t mean there isn’t something out there in the world you’d enjoy.

And if you live in or near a big city then there’s really no reason why you can’t broaden your sport horizons. There’s Meetup, and there’s local sports groups for every different city on all your other social media like Facebook or Twitter- heck, even Mastodon has sports groups, and that’s a smaller community that’s either extinct or very underground and subculture (it’s fairly hard to tell the difference when it comes to social media platforms.)

If you go to a university- even a really tiny one with like 50 students- there’s bound to be at least a handful of people into something active, even if it’s just playing freeze ninja on one of the lawns at roughly lunch time every day. (The admin is a disaster but the college itself is very good and holds fond memories for me at Nova, a local community college and where I went when I first started this blog!) And if you do go to a big college like Nova or VA Tech or Berkley or whatever then there are bound to be at least one sport or club sport or club, whatever your college calls them, that does something active you’ve never even heard of before.

And if you live in the middle of nowhere there might be a few things near you that people in super populated areas can’t do like play water volleyball in a creek or practicing forest parkour or ninja skills jumping between trees.

I don’t even know all the interesting sports out there to do. But I do know that “my workout is boring” is not really a great reason to not do any workout- it’s just a reason to put on your problem solving hat. (Yes, I realize “put on your problem solving hat” sounds exactly like what a chirpy preschool teacher might say to her charges, but I think you’ll survive that.)

If you get to really enjoy unusual sports and want to go to a meeting of other crazy people like you and me, look no further than the biannual World Alternative Games. Maybe I’ll even go there myself someday.

So what have you done to jazz up your workout routine?


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