Struggling To Quit: The Dairy Addict

pexels-photo-248412I scream, you scream- basically everyone screams for icecream. We can’t help it, it’s so smooth and creamy and scrumptious it brings out the volume in all of us. It’s a favorite dessert, and especially now that we’ve hit November icecream will start popping up on Thanksgiving tables (if you live in the USA) or dolloping cakes and brownies and cupcakes and all kinds of goodies come December. This is basically the dessert time of year.

And the star of every dessert must be some kind of dairy.

But that’s a problem for me, because like many of you, though I love dairy it does not love me.

For those who have problems with it like I do you may understand why I want to get rid of it. It can give those sensitive to it digestive upset, and some people swear it makes them gain weight. In more practical terms medical research has shown that the main things that recommend dairy- calcium and protein- are kind of a fail because the calcium is in a form that can only be absorbed with vitamin D and the protein is a form that is not absorbed by the body no matter what you eat it with. It makes you feel like despite decades of advertisements sponsored by the Dairy industry, dairy is actually not an essential food group for good health.

I know for myself, beyond just feeling queasy and even occasionally being stuck in the bathroom after having too much, I also have been tested by my doctor as positive for a casein sensitivity and he’s been scolding me every time I go in for my tune up and have to confirm yet again that I still did not cut it out. It just seems like a bad idea to continue to eat food you know is bad for you.

All this means I’ve (finally!) taken on the journey to leave dairy behind.

So I’m trying to remind myself most days of why I’ve left dairy behind. You might even say I’ve been psyching myself into it.

  • you get bad breath and bad gas- and especially if you interact with anyone who is not traditionally of Western culture they will notice the rotten milk smell most dairy products like cheese and yogurts have on you just as easily as Westerners tend to notice the smell when someone’s eaten a lot of garlic
  • It`s messy- icecream drools all over you, melted cheese gets stringy and stretchy and greasy!
  • I don`t need it! Paleo nut cheezes, almond ice cream, frozen fruit bars- there’s lots of options for dairy like experiences without eating something that hurts your body.
  • It really does hurt me. I have less energy, get bloated, and allergy related eczema that leaves red patches on my arms that are seriously not cute.
  • It is a bunch of wasted calories. There is nothing good in there besides some probiotics, and you can get those in cultured almond yogurt or pickles. I like the pickles my Korean friend makes with daikon and an orange colored gourd of some kind, or basic Western gherkins, and they like me so we both have a better deal of it than the abusive from dairy

Basically at the end of the day, why eat something that causes you so much pain when there are such great alternatives? I know a lot of eating is about connecting to foods we have a strong emotional attachment to, but you have before you the opportunity to make new memories with health friendly foods!


Hiya pal, please share your thoughts! :)