Carpet Pirates

This isn’t a very serious post at all, but this is a pretty fun little thing I noticed. We used to have one of those bazillion ton two feet ish deep monster so called “flat screens’- because the screen was flat they used to call them that even when the body was a foot thick and the thing weighed a so much so obviously there was nothing thin going on there- and we finally got some suckers, err, adventurous types on Craigslist to adopt and haul the thing out. And what was left on the carpet? An imprint. I could swear it looks like a pirate ship. Or maybe like the Noah’s ark playset I had as a kid.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYes, that print is the length of a first grade child. It looks really cool, like it’s one of those slice through diagrams in a history textbook that shows the different cargo types in the ship. Maybe it’s bringing cloth, barn animals, and scarlet fever to the New World.

Am I being a little silly? Yes, definitely. You’d be feeling a little touched in the head after helping to move the television and the ginormous entertainment center on the very same day. In some families the son or oldest might be the heavy lifter, but in this family the youngest daughter is. Go figure. Anyways, here’s something a little cheerful after today’s trials.

What does the outline look like to you?


Hiya pal, please share your thoughts! :)