Green and Easy DIY Decor You’ll Fall in Love With

I’ve always been eclectic in the range of interior design trends I like, but I’ve always been up for a good modern piece. Sometimes they can look a little stark and unfortunate however. I find the best solution for that problem is to incorporate growing stuff in your home.


You can make a diy wall planter with pallet wood’s tutorial here

The easiest solution is just to stick a planter on your wall or table and call it good, whether you want a self watering one like Treehuger’s picks or you’re happy to take a normal planter and stick some twine in the bottom to dangle in the drainage tray so it can slowly soak up water all by itself without paying for a high quality self watering planter or dealing with the cheap flimsy plastic versions you can buy from Walmart or Amazon.

But sometimes easy isn’t good enough and you want something more fun.

This table concept is super fun looking. And you can even use dried moss as an option for decorating furniture and adding that cozy organic element without trying to conquer a black thumb. This was sold at one point by Ayodhya, but you could fill and of those shadow box top coffee tables (unfortunately Ikea doesn’t sell theirs anymore it seems) with a jelly roll pan, some dirt, and moss. It’s like a terrarium in your living room!

The famous bathroom moss rug designed by La Chanh Nguyen could also add that touch of green you’ve been craving. Did you notice I kind of have a soft spot for moss? I think it may be one of my favorite plants. Who needs grass, with those razor blades and hidden bugs and hordes of nasty little gnats and no-see-ums? Nu uh. I want a field of moss. Or a rug, same thing right?


Maybe you don’t want to commit to a big chunk of green in your decor. Apparently you can buy small accents like this moss table runner to grace your house instead. Why not?

Would you do any of these tips? Is growing furniture a little far fetched for you?

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