Wheeling and Dealing: Bikes Are The Vehicle of The Future!

A Bike a Day keeps Global Collapse at Bay

It comes as no surprise that the tide of ‘save the environment’ initiatives has started strong and kept steadily growing since the sixties, as nuclear experimentation and the global cooling and global warming mania have caused much concern among societys members. Perhaps what is more telling is that some level of environmentalism has been in place since the industrial era, starting with the base concern for the condition of life for humans. Respect for nature has been around much longer, however. There have always been groups concerned with respecting nature, from our own archaic roots to the still alive native groups around the world (including within my own country, though many of my fellow citizens seem to have the mistaken perspective that all indigenous peoples are extinct here.)
<h2 style="text-align:center;"><span style="color:#15e990;">Biking is Cool, too!
s a big trend towards biking for an attempt to even out the CO2 levels. Besides that, though, the overall trend towards rediscovering “old fashioned” things- best exemplified in the Hipster movement, but honestly the rest of the world is dabbling in heritage activities as well- has led to the bike becoming cool again. Whether you’ve seen cute Instas or fallen in love with a two wheeled Pinterest aesthetic, it’s out there and it’s glamorous and it makes you wonder if you shouldn’t go for some fun rides as well.

Bike Up!

Not to worry if you can’t ride, though. I personally have been spending the Autumnal months learning to do it myself. There are biking groups across the world, but if you live in the DC area you can check out WABA.Or you can check out some great biking Youtube channels like Cycling World, which incidentally is also a magazine.

Trust me, if there are people using a bike as their sometimes- or even only- vehicle in the traffic crazy realm that is DC (We’ve take turns being annually voted worst traffic in the US with LA and NYC), there’s a good chance you can figure out a way to get to the local library or grocery store on your bike unless there’s nothing within 5 miles of your house, which I realize is true for many people in the world. That said, even if you have no where to bike to, it’s a much better hobby to explore your property or trails near you than dirt biking or going on ATVs and ripping up the ground while your at it. Plus, once you pay for a bike, you don’t have to pay to gas it up, so that’s a great bonus for your wallet as well.


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