Hack Halloween For Zero Waste Money Savings

I know what you’re thinking- “It’s November Zambini, you can stretch Halloween in half way through November.” Well, I’m totally not.

What I am here to do today is to offer you a 100% free, zero supplies needed, zero waste diy. It’s pretty simple really- what do people buy a lot of for Halloween? Fresh pumpkins to decorate their front steps with.

What do people eat a lot of in November? Pumpkin pies, mainly, for Thanksgiving if you live in the US, or pumpkin lattes and pumpkin bread and pumpkin spice smoothies and all kinds of other baking and dessert madness.

The ideal solution, really, is to use the pumpkin you already have!

Don’t worry if there’s some bad spots on your pumpkin, I looked it up and officially the “invisible” family of molds don’t grow on pumpkins so that means if you cut out any bad looking parts everything left is good legit safe to eat pumpkin. It’s not hard to turn fresh pumpkin into puree, either.

1)Rip out the seeds and guts. If you made a jack-o-lantern you’ve already done this step, but if you used whole pumpkins this year you’ll need to do this step. Remember, you can keep the seeds and roast them on a low temperature in the oven for 30 minutes or until they get toasty to get a tasty autumnal treat (or use in recipes that require pepitas/pumpkin seeds).

2) Cut it into small chunks. I did one inch sized cubes, but you could do smaller to make it cook faster.

3)Stick it in a microwave safe bowl and zap it for about 10 minutes for a 6 inch diameter pumpkin, though you’ll need to adjust the time based on how strong a microwave you have.

4) Stick those cooked chunks in a blender. For this you don’t even need a high speed one like a Vitamix, a plain cheap blender can make puree out of fully cooked and soft pumpkin (even without removing the skin, which you shouldn’t do because it has great nutrients)

Some things to consider are to think twice about cooking and using a pumpkin that you painted on or used Sharpies on just because the materials you used might not be food safe. If you used naked pumpkins though they are all ready to go!



Hiya pal, please share your thoughts! :)