Adulting 101: Money Matters so Make a Basic Budget and Harness Your Income

MoneyMattersDespite the old proverb “Money doesn’t buy you happiness,” I think everyone can agree that money matters, 100%.

After all, having it doesn’t guarantee you happiness, but not having it does guarantee a lot of problems that lead to stress- which isn’t the best environment to be happy peppy joy joy joy in.

That’s why I’ve decided to start a new series of posts called #MoneyMatters. (If you like the series you can just click that tag on this page to find all of the other posts on the subject)

I’m go to introduce you to the very first tiny little baby steps you can take to get your money under control- this series is all about absolute beginners in taking control of their own money going from zero to hero. You can do it!

What money questions do you have?





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