Rose Among Us: Organic Rose Water Toner and Perfume Tutorial to Save Your Beauty Budget

We finally hit the first frost where I live. Better late than never, right? So that means I have to go through my organic roses stat and take care of them for the Winter.

How do I do that? I collect any rosehips and any rose flowers or petals left on my bush. It’s pretty simple really. And I take the time to do all of that because they can be turned into really useful items.


Rosehips are most easily used for rosehip tea. All you do is gather the little orange knobs on your plant and put them on a baking sheet left on a counter in the house and it will dry down perfectly. Then through the Winter I can put one rosehip at a time in a mug of boiling hot water for an immune system boosting tea that has way more vitamin C than oranges or the Emergen-C packets you have been shelling out your cash for. Basically I saved you $10-$30 in a five second diy. You’re welcome.



Rose flowers I keep and turn into rose oil or rose water. It’s pretty easy to make, too- all you do is rinse the flowers with cold water to get rid of any tiny aphids that might be on them, then you put them in a pan of water and boil it until the rose petals lose all color and look sheer.

Rosewater can be used for cosmetics, cooking Middle Eastern food, or used in place of vanilla extract in baking. Rose oil can be used in cosmetics as long as you make it with a cosmetic safe oil like jojoba or almond oil.

I really love to make a rosewater drink of half rosewater and half aloe vera juice for an anti-inflammatory immune boost to doubly support my health for very little cash. It’s an especially good idea because boosting your immune system and preventing illnesses is way cheaper than paying for medical care out of pocket.

Note that these directions are only safe to do with organically grown roses. If you have sprayed pesticides on them they will not be safe for consumption.


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