20’s Bucket List for Travel That Will Change Your Life

I think most people have a plan, have lifestyle goals, aim for #vanlife, something. I am one of those people.

My particular goal is to travel the world and go to every country. Being the overplanner that I am- how did such a disorganized and flighty person become such an obsessive planner as an adult, anyways?- I broke that goal down into decades.

My goal for my twenties is to visit every continent at least once. So far I’ve hit Panama, Japan, and The Netherlands, as well as Canada; so that means I only have Tunisia, Australia, and Antarctica left on my to-see list for this decade. That’s pretty good considering that I am still 22 I think!

Then my goal for my thirties is to visit every US and Mexican state as well as every Canadian province and territory. I figure that I live in the Americas, and it’s very important that I get a better sense of where I come from especially considering that I live in such a global city I sometimes feel like I was raised in every culture but my own. I think that it might even end up being possible for me to do this before my thirties if I take on vanlife, but I don’t want to have that as a goal and maybe fall short when setting smaller expectations I can exceed is far more satisfying.

Then for my fourties I want to hit every region in the world, for example I’ve done the continent of Asia but I haven’t visited the Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, or Indian subcontinent regions and I’d like to visit them. Or another example would be that I’m currently planning my first trip to Africa to be to the North Africa region in Tunisia, but West Africa and South Africa are regions I plan to visit some time during my forties. Or that Panama and Central America were nice but I should really go to see the Southern region at some point.

At the end of the day all of these plans might be pipe dreams- I am after-all a professional author and that isn’t always the most lucrative career out there- but sometimes it’s nice to just daydream and think of what you might like to do, whether or not you can actually do it.


Hiya pal, please share your thoughts! :)