A Millenial’s Plan to Get Their Career in Order In 3 Easy Steps

Today’s post in the goals series aims to help you get “The Maximum Lifestyle” that my blog stands for is to get you pointed in the right direction with what to do with yourself by continuing to work to help you make goals.


Whether your goals are for this week, this year, this decade, or your whole life, the only way to start working towards goals is to make sure you have some in the first place. That’s where I come in. This series is to help you think about what goals you might want to have in the first place- because the best way to start with something is by doing first things first.

Today we are going to tackle getting you inspired by the goals of the world around you. We’ll take baby steps in this series, and by the end of the series you’ll have finished the first step to getting the future and career you dream of. Let’s get started!

What Goals do Others Have?

Get out in the world and get inspired by it. Most people don’t create their goals in a vacuum, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to create yours from scratch. Feel free to use the goals of others as a starting point for deciding on your own goals!

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1.) Look to Your Generation

Think about what goals are normally associated with your age, and what goals most people have for future ages. Some examples are that usually people aim to be a prom king/queen or honors student in their teens, complete college or other secondary education and get a job during their twenties, get a family in their thirties, maybe retire in their sixties… you don’t have to share these goals, for now you are just being inspired by them

2.) Be Inspired by Your City

What goals do most people in your region have? Are they aiming for a house, or an apartment in downtown? Are they aiming to make friends, or is getting married their priority? Are they aiming to leave your small town, or looking towards getting their own tractor, or wanting to get a float in the annual parade, or something else?

3.) Write Down your Thoughts!

Keep your phone or a notebook handy whenever you do your brainstorming. After spending time getting or being happy, it’s important to sit down and think about what kind of goals you might like. If all you can do is think up a goal for this week, great! If you want to make a goal for the direction your whole life is going to go in, you’ll want to do more thinking than just this one brain storm session, but you might have an idea or two of what you want from your future- so be sure to write them down so you can personalize them later!

What goals did you write down this week?

Not enough goal inspo for you? Have no fear, there are other posts on the subject here! You can head on over to the third post and dig into what you want to strive for yourself that you see in the lives of your friends and peers.


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