A Photo Spread of Sunsets on The Marshy Sea From My Chincoteague Travels

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As we start creeping into the Winter I find myself becoming nostalgic for Summer. I suppose that’s how it usually goes, that you appreciate most what you can’t have and don’t fully engage in those same times when you do have them. But as I have the luxury of being able to enjoy reading and nostalgia this week as many Americans get a few day’s vacation with Thanksgiving creeping up on us on this Thursday I thought I would share some of what I’ve been doing to enjoy my little vacation.

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My family likes to travel to a little island on the East Coast of Virginia called Chincoteague. Of all the different places in the USA you can find wild ponies, it’s probably the most famous. It’s also the inspiration behind the classic children’s book, “Misty of Chincoteague”. im000621

Today I am turning to my visit here as a source for a different kind of literary inspiration and sharing a poem inspired by sunset over the marsh.

Seagull SunsetDays have gone and come to close,

Where they end nobody knows,

For as the sun sparks on golden shores,

still the beachcombers come and goes.

HorizonIn crashing waves the last light goes,

MarshThe marsh light in its last throes.

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