Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m so blessed to have you here. No, I really mean that.

I’ve taken on a lot of new jobs and chase several dreams this year- become a full time author, started writing two blogs full time.

Some of you have stuck by me since my first year blogging and I’ll always be grateful for your patience through some years that were low in posts. Then there’s others who have come to join this blog this year and I’ve gotten so excited every time I see a new subscriber on WordPress or by email. No matter when you joined me, just you being here on this site right here and now helps keep me going. Having you here and reading these posts shows you believe in me, and that is definitely what keeps me going.


Today I’m going to be eating at a table graced with two of these big guys and enough family and friends to eat them both along with all the other fixings, and thinking of this has gotten me into a thankful mood.

So thank you!

Have a happy Thanksgiving if you’re American, or a thankful normal day of the week if you live elsewhere in this world.


Hiya pal, please share your thoughts! :)