Happy Day!

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Today is my birthday! Put out the cake because this is going to be a good celebration.

I think birthdays tend to lose their power a little as we grow up into adults, but I still enjoy mine. I’ve changed how I enjoy it though. Now my birthday is all about an excuse to meet up with my busy friends and have the gift of spending time with them. It doesn’t really change though that I like to have one day of the year to actually let myself just enjoy life and doing the things I like to do and taking it easy.

This year, unlike most years, I do not have the day off because of having a birthday that usually coincides with Thanksgiving Break, but that’s okay because that gives my coworkers a chance to fuss over me a little and I enjoy that sometimes. It will be fun because it’s been two months since I last worked here in a temporary position and my coworkers get along well with me and will take full advantage of the opportunity this day brings, and I appreciate that and them.

Wishing whether you work or play today that you have a good one!


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