Kate Spade and What We’ve Learned in The Era of Fun Fashion

I think fashion for a long time has limited itself to either things that are so ridiculous and uncomfortable that you can’t actually wear or use them, or things that are boring and bland in the name of “chic”. Personally, I find boring to look a little cheap, like all the other mass produced products out in the world, and I would want to pay designer price tags for something that looks like it might as well have been bought at Forever 21.

When I was first introduced to Kate Spade at the start of my college career it was like a revelation. The products are decent quality, but the fun designs really pull at my heart. And there’s a range in designs, so you can find outrageous fun or more subtle fun as your heart (or job’s dress code) requires.

I mean, look at this purse shaped like a cake. It’s even available to buy right now here.


Want something a little less special occasion looking? You can also get an owl purse here.


Is that not ridiculously fun? I think one of the benefits of the rise of fashion designers creating more fun and creative designs is that they offer more options for the rise of self employed creative professionals and other creative professionals who, frankly, would actually look a little incapable in their field if they showed up to work everyday with a plain satchel or briefcase like bankers or lawyers have to use. Purse designs kind of have to match the career you have, and if you really need to use a better quality bag than a respectable $50 goat tote from Amazon that will last for just a year or two of use then you should really be buying a purse that lives up to your aspirations rather than just a safe choice that is so safe it doesn’t really work anywhere.

Then again, maybe you want a more subtle variety of fun purse. This cat purse has details that are fun, but still overall looks like a high quality designer bag and will give you the same credo as any other multi-hundred dollar purse would. But, because it’s a cat, you’ll actually enjoy your bag- even if you are a dog person like me! Buy one here.

This is the last one I’ll list today, and I have to say it’s pretty fun. That said, it’s a very elegant kind of fun design, and I think it actually would be suitable for those same lawyers or bankers to use as their office purse even. Maybe not their courtroom briefcase, but perfectly appropriate-yet-fun for even the most stodgy American workplace. It might be too much for formal workplaces in much of the rest of the world though, in which case I think this would be a great option for graphic designers or artists or other creatives working in a more formal country to use as their creative professional purse on the job.



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