Dorm Deck The Halls: 5 Steps to Decorate Shared Spaces on a Budget for The Holiday Season

Christmas Decorating can be a little difficult when it comes to dorm decor. Part of it is that you have a tiny budget as a college student, then you also have no time because December is usually finals season- and the other difficulty is that you share space with roommates who might have their own ideas of what they do or don’t want in their space. It can be hard. Personally, I’m glad I don’t deal with dorm living anymore because the friendships were great but not having total control of my own space bugged me a bit. That said I used these 5 second decorating hacks on my own dorm door, and I think even if you have no money or time you’ll still be able to find something you can do to put your personal stamp on your space.

If you don’t live in a dorm, you can also use these ideas to decorate the interior doors of your house.

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, however, I’ll also suggest different more holiday neutral alternatives. Unfortunately I am not very well versed in the many other Winter holidays people celebrate in the world so I will not be able to suggest something for everyone out there, but hopefully this will help give you guys enough ideas to create decor that is appropriate for the holiday you celebrate.

Gift Tag


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A gift tag is a great idea because they are super cheap, and you often receive them for free on a gift at this time of year. And they are really cute! If you have a command hook you can hang one that way, but if not just a piece of tape will secure it to your door through weeks of slamming it open and shut. A Hanukkah gift tag works just as well.

Craft Clip Board


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This is a wooden clip board bought at the craft store and decorated with some paint. Then I stuck penguin, snowflake, and jewel stickers on it. You can skip the paint if you don’t have any and don’t want to buy some though or just to keep a more rustic look. I clipped on some scrapbook paper, but you could also clip on any holiday cards you might receive and display them that way! You can either use two of the poster weight command strips, OR you can use a lot of tape to keep this sucker up. If you already have a whiteboard attacked to your door I recommend centering this over it. This is just a general Winter themed decor item so it should work no matter which holiday you celebrate.



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This craft is the perfect FREE craft. You take a piece of printer paper- or even the blank back of some printed page you don’t need anymore- and write a saying on it with a highlighter for the green and a pen for the black. It’s pretty easy. You can replace the saying with something appropriate for the holiday you celebrate as well. It’s pretty easy to secure with just a piece or two of tape as well.



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This ornament is pretty easy to do. You just take any ornament from your home, the dollar store, or even a craft project your RA hosted and you hang it on your doorknob. This particular ornament is nativity themed, so if you celebrate a different holiday either a different ornament or even a big bell ornament made out of metal or plastic would probably work better. This one probably won’t work as well if you tend to slam your door a lot, but you could work around that by hanging this on the room number plate next to your door and not actually on the door itself if that’s a problem.

Gift Wrap

Decorate your hall door with any gift wrap you have- possibly the wrap you are using for presents this year?- and wrap the front of your door in it. Bam! Instead decoration for all the hall to see with just a bit of tape and cutting time put into making it.

Love these ideas? Share your best budget friendly decor ideas below!


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