7 Piece Christmastime Capsule Wardrobe for Travel and Minimalists

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Yes, it’s finally our favorite time of year again! I did a quick photoshoot with my seasonal wardrobe and I wanted to share with you why these pieces were so important I wanted to spend my super limited annual clothing budget on them. And by saying limited budget, I’m not kidding- I give myself $150 a year to spend on clothing. Max. And with my focus on buying quality pieces that will last season after season, it can be a little hard to buy an entire wardrobe of separates, but I still managed it.

Part of the magic of my spending strategy is that I mostly don’t actually buy my Winter clothes in Winter. That’s right, I’m one of those people the haunts early Summer sales of clearance Winter items and I just have to wait for a few months before I can take any of them out to play. If you aren’t as hard pressed on budget and want to buy this season’s clothes now OR you are willing to go with lower quality pieces OR you are willing to buy your clothes second hand then you can likely get the same sort of pieces to set up your own Winter capsule wardrobe.

black long sleeve sweater with silver strands peeking through the knit like glitter on wood background


The Sweaters/Jumpers

I think the most essential part of a Winter wardrobe- for places cold enough to have true Winters, at least- is the sweaters. You can obviously see I feel that way by the number of sweaters I’ve included here. The important thing if you are only going to buy a few of them, though, is to make sure you buy sweaters of different warmth levels. Feeling how thick the fabric is or how heavy it is is usually a good way to tell which sweaters are warmer and which are better suited to wearing in a warm building like at a packed party.

Here the red sweater is warmer and of an unobjectionable design that could work doing errands on the town, at the workplace, or even lounging at home.

The black sparkle sweater is both festive and chic and it’s lighter, so it works well as a party sweater as well as a fun weekend or night piece. As I live in a city where some sparkles can be seen as classy instead of tacky I also feel quite comfortable wearing it for everyday living as well.

black pants with gold baroque pattern overlay on wood background

The Pants/Trousers

I have here two very different pants. One is a five pocket jean-like design made out of velvet, and the other is a black trouser with a gold foil design on it. These pants work great color wise as the theme of this capsule wardrobe is sparkle metallics and deep red. Material wise they are also perfectly suited to the season.

I will admit most people would find a more subtle sparkle design would work better for their style than the bold gold leaf design here, but you have to remember that bright loud pieces work perfectly paired with the minimal or even plain pieces you probably have in your wardrobe. I think the gold pants would work well even in an office space if paired with a plain white button down, while for going out at night or just out and about at any time of day I’d happily put it with the black sparkle sweater for a matching kick of fun design. I like to be bold with what I wear like that!

The maroon velvet pants work great for those times you want to wear something a little aesthetically calmer that still looks seasonal and fits the palette of the rest of the pieces here.

medium dark green shirt in waffle weave on wood background

The Shirt

I only included one shirt here. Why? Personally, I think you don’t actually need many long sleeved shirts, especially when you are layering your shirts with a sweater on top. Plus, you can always just wear a sweater and not actually put a separate shirt underneath. If you wanted to though you could also include any collared sleeveless shirts you normally keep with the out of season clothes this time of year just so that you have the look of a collar popping out without getting too hot from wearing too many warm clothes inside a heated building.

I did include this long sleeve though because I think having at least one is still important for those days when a sweater is too hot but short sleeves are too cool. This is a kelly green waffle weave so it has some texture that will stand up to several seasons of use, and I bought it very affordably at Old Navy. The exact shirt may not be on sale this season but I think if you search affordable retailers like Target or even Amazon you should be able to find a similar waffle weave tee this year as well. Or you could pay a little more for a shirt that will last at a fair trade store?

black glitter heels

The Shoes

These are not the only Winter shoes I have- I also have snow boots. I don’t need snow boots where I live until sometime after Christmas though. Sadly, we don’t get many white Christmases. So for the purpose of a December capsule wardrobe, it wasn’t necessary to include them.

These two heels are amazing though. I still use my beat up tennis shoes during my commute, but I like to have heels around for those times when only a heeled shoe will work. That’s why I have black sparkle stilettos, and red leather midi heels. The stilettos were bought several seasons ago as part of a Spring collection at Macy’s. The red heels were bought on clearance from Topshop last year so they are very gone out of stock now. You can get similar shoes at many stores online this year though- I did check for you guys!- and I think that if you have heels in your closet at all these should be considered staples. In fact, they are two of the four total heels I own at all, and the other two is a pair of espadrille wedges in yellow polka dots for spring and a pair of fiery colorblocked chunky heeled sandals for Summer. I think these two especially are staples for any season’s capsule wardrobe and I would happily own just them if I were more of a minimalist.

You don’t have to use heels, though. A pair of red leather sneakers and sparkle black flats would also be great shoes to wear for the season that would match the rest of this capsule wardrobe.

What do you think of building outfits from these 7 pieces? Could you wear them to work or parties, or are they too flashy for you?

Love the look, but not feeling the season? Head on over to my warm season post about forest and robin hood inspired fashions!


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