Decor in Minutes Because Your Holiday Guests Will Arrive for Christmas Any Minute Now

Last week we talked about #ChristmasDecorating dorm and interior doors for the time or money strapped. These week we are going to dive into the same topic again but focus on new territory: bathrooms! Especially if you have a main floor bathroom I feel that’s the one room of the house you can guarantee every guest you have over will see at some point, so it definitely pays to decorate there even though we tend to skip over this space. With just a few tweaks you can quickly make any bathroom more festive and inviting for any party guests or visitors you might have!


The biggest way you can prepare for guests in your home is to minimize how cluttered the space is. Here on the left before photo we had some essentials like the hand soap and tissues, but there were a lot of things cluttering up the counter that really should have been tucked away in the medicine cabinet. If you don’t have a medicine cabinet or vanity, however, at least putting the essentials you do need on a tray makes them look a little more organized and decorative. Once you’ve pared down to only the essentials it might be a good idea to go over the space with a quick wipe down with a vinegar soaked rag or a disposable wipe just to get rid of any lingering toothpaste smudges or bits of dust that may be around.


Here we see some cleaning spray taking up space on the back of the commode. While it’s good to keep cleaning tools on hand, it’s best to tuck them into the vanity if you are going to have guests over. If you have a powder room like this without a shower and you have so many things stuck into the vanity that the cleaning supplies won’t fit, then you likely need to do a purge and make sure you only have what you actually need stored there. If you don’t have a vanity, the cleaning supplies should maybe be tucked behind the toilet or under the sink so it doesn’t throw off your aesthetic.

I also switched out a Summery scented candle with a reindeer figuring. You could choose instead to put a holiday scented candle out. Did you notice that hand towel change as well?



Simple switching out your normal day to day handtowels with more seasonally themed ones can make a big difference with very little time or effort used. This snowflake pattern is great because it can be used all Winter long, but you can also get hand towels themed to almost any Winter holiday you celebrate.



Replacing a house plant that normally stands here with an ornament is a great way to change things up, both for the holiday and because seeing the same design every day all year can get boring. That plant has been put to different use on the dining table as part of the tablescape arrangement there, and I think this looks quite nice.



Switching out the floral watercolors that usually hang on the walls with more seasonal wall art adds a nice touch as well in two seconds. I put the prints in the vanity, but if you don’t have one or don’t have any space left then you could put these where you normally store your holiday decorations in the off season.

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