The New Black

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I think we’ve long since moved from the blacks and neutrals of the last decade into pastels and colors for this decade, but I still like these classic ideas to bring class red into your life. And what better time is there to feature red than the holiday season? Dive into this post from my archives and see if red works for you as well as my recent post on green did.

Out of The Hat

I know that Pantone came out with their announcement that emerald green is this year`s color. That may even be true. For some people.

Those that base their style sensibilities off of what they are told in big media outlets will be wearing that this year. But. Not all of us follow the glossy pages and copy their style, like sheep led to creative slaughter. Some of us have imagination. And some of us just watch what real people are wearing to get a sense of what is in and what isnt. I think thats a much more organic process than simply deciding for yourself what colors others should wear and making an announcement.

So, in honor of the grass roots movement that is ever growing in the fashion world (especially among the new fashion elite: the twenty somethings/ South Koreans) I bring you this years actual…

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