3 Steps to Find Your Purpose Inspired by Your Internet Habits

Today’s post in the goals series aims to help you get “The Maximum Lifestyle” that my blog stands for by getting you pointed in the right direction with the help of goals tailor made to what you want to do in your life. Don’t worry if you don’t have any goals ready to go- that’s the whole point of the series!


Net Surf #Goals

Whether your goals are for this week, this year, this decade, or your whole life, the only way to start working towards goals is to make sure you have some in the first place. That’s where I come in. This series is to help you think about what goals you might want to have in the first place- because the best way to start with something is by taking baby steps. You can go through the previous steps in the series by looking up the #GetGoals tag on the site or visiting the “Career” category at the top of the homepage.

Today we are talking about online goal inspiration! Yes, if you’ve been following this series, you may think we’ve already covered this in Crowdsourcing Goals, Share Goals, and Get Goals. Don’t worry though, today we are covering new material.

What Goals does The Internet Have?

Think about the goals of the masses online and get inspired by them! Most people don’t create their goals in a vacuum, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to create yours from scratch. Use other’s goals as a starting point for deciding on your own goals!

1.) Look Up Industry Goals

What goals do other people in your industry have online? You can look it up in a very broad way, for example my industry in general would be either “writing” or “publishing“. You can also be more specific and look at what people are aiming for in their category, like if you work in fashion then looking up specifically how other stylists are moving forward in their careers or look at how other cupcake shops are expanding their brand.

2.) What are Your Hobby Goals?

Most people have some hobbies that they do in their spare time, from tinkering with cars to working on building miniatures to learning a language like Japanese (a hobby of my own which, to be honest, at this point I have given up on ever actually getting good at). How can you improve your skills in these hobbies? Do you want to set a goal of someday having your hobby as a part time job, or even a full time career?

3.) Write down your thoughts!

Keep your phone or a notebook handy whenever you do your brainstorming. After spending so much time looking up goals, it’s important to sit down and keep track of them. How else are you going to later go through your list and narrow down potential life goals to just the goals you actually want?

If all you can do is think up a goal for yourself for just this week, great! If you want to make a goal for the direction your whole life is going to go in, you’ll want to do more thinking than just this one brain storm session, but you might have an idea or two of what you want from your future- so be sure to write them down so you can personalize them later!

What goals did you write down this week?

Need more inspiration to chase your aspirations? I’ve gotchu. Loved One’s Goals will serve as inspiration for the next installation in the 10 post #GetGoals series.


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