Adulting 101

That’s right. I’m diving into the big stuff. We are diving into an overview of

Basic Life Skills

Whether you’re a fresh college grad, diving into the working stiff life after a few years of finding yourself via traveling the world, or maybe have just been an adult for awhile but some part of your lifestyle has changed so that you now need to step up to the plate and play at the big leagues, it’s time to take responsibility in your life and be an adult. Which is, I grant you, easier said than done.

But it is possible. This bare bones basics survival course will cover everything from figuring out how to feed yourself and take care of laundry without setting your home on fire to showing up to work looking polished and professional.

Brace yourself, because all of this can be hard if you are new to it. But you can be a capable adult. All you have to do is take some time to learn a few new tricks and adjust your mindset a little.

Do you have what it takes to become a full fledged adult (or, if you already are one, what advice would you give or basic adult skill would you recommend?)


Hiya pal, please share your thoughts! :)