New Year’s Resolution: Goals We Need For Our Twenties

I sat on this post a bit because I wanted to really think things through before I committed to any goals. Obviously from my goal setting series I’m pretty big on goals- I think them through, and I go big with them. I even make a big macro goals list for the decade and break that down into a each year’s goals.

Today I wanted to share my decade goals with you.

As I’m in my twenties, some of my goals are a given. Some, though, are unique to me, and I want to share all of them with you in the hopes it will give you some inspiration for your goals.

Goals for my Twenties

1) Pay off Student Loans

I’m an American that has gone to college. That means I’ve shouldered loads of debt. I know this would be a pipe dream to pay it all off within one decade, but this is the major goal driving me now. It would just be so nice to not have to worry about this the rest of my life.

2) Move Out of My Parent’s House

I’d love to be able to afford moving out into my own little condo or apartment. Because paying off debt is my main priority, I’m not willing to borrow the $500,000 average for home ownership in the DC suburbs, but after I pay off my loans I’d like to buy a 2 bedroom condo in downtown or suburban townhouse for $250,000. After shouldering the debt I already have I can’t see myself being willing to take out a mortgage in my lifetime, but I’d be happy to rent and someday save to buy a cozy little place outright.

3) Build my Creative Career

Having written four books and a novella, I can and already have struck “be an author” off my to-do list. My goal now is to build that up until I’m making the same salary from that as I would get from a desk job. So far I’m making approximately five bucks a month so this won’t happen any time soon, but I’m excited to work as hard as I can to see how close I get to paying the bills while working my dream job!

4) Travel The World

There is something appealing in the thought of experiencing a wide range of nature and humanity while you are young enough for your joints to work properly. I personally have an extra incentive to travel now and not wait for later, as my disease is pretty stable right now but it is degenerative and will pronably wear away at my mobility and the pain will likely get worse rather than better. It’s no biggie though to just travel as best I can now while I can best do so. My goal is to visit all the continents at least once, and I only have Antarctica, Australia, and Africa left! 🙂

5) Learn a New Skill

I have various skills I’ve wanted to pursue in the past. I’ve dabbled in Japanese, tried sports and instruments. I’d like to master at least one thing within my twenties. It’s fun to have a bit of ability in many skills, but just once I’d like to push myself to get to a point where I am really good at something.

What goals did you decide on for your New Year’s resolution?


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