3 Ideas to Help You Ring in Spring!

Spring is finally here! I’m so excited to finally be free of the endless cold snaps that have been popping up every time we thought the weather had decided to play nice. So I’m sharing my best ideas to ring in the real Spring weather!

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Spring Cleaning to Clear Out The Junk

woman in warehouse wearing safety glasses and nose protection with rubber cleaning gloves and mop in bucket

Doesn’t the fresh air energize you? I want to just throw open my windows and enjoy my home. That’s difficult to do if your home is a pigsty, though. Sort out just five little things you want to sell or donate and vacuum the floor and you’ll be well on your way to a house that feels more like a peaceful retreat. Need a more intense approach to take care of your mess? Try “Decluttering at The Speed of Life” or “Simple Cleaning Wisdom” by Good Housekeeping.


Brunch and Catch up With Friends

How do you make and keep friends? According to Psychology Today you really do have to put in the time. They were able to boil down different levels of friendship, from acquaintance to best friend, and find how much meaningful interaction in terms of time you need to make and keep friends. The idea of having an actual formula to figure out exactly how to be a good friend was really amazing to me.

Spring is a great time to get close to friends and closer to people you want to become friends by doing some great brunching. My city has a lot of great brunch places, but The Happy Tart will always be my favorite to brunch at because of the amazing gluten free baked goods.

brunch of fresh bread, scrambled eggs, ham and sliced bread, fruit, bottled water, coffee on marble tabletop

Sadly, you may live in a place with no brunch spots at all. If so, it might be best to host brunch at your house- or, you know, if your place is a mess, maybe you can talk a friend into lending their house to the squad if you offer to contribute food. There are some great recipe books out there, offering everything from a Star Wars Themed Brunch to Paleo alternatives to your Brunch favorites or even just do the eggs, bacon, and waffles or breakfast sandwhichs.

While you’re at it, be sure to take out some of your Grandma`s embroidered napkins. Or, if you don`t have anything like that, just be sure to use real cloth napkins and some sterling silver tableware, as well as true glass tumblers, for your tablescape. Nothing says ‘I care about your friendship” quite like putting a little extra effort in and making a fancier than normal meal, and having some nice table settings can really elevate a very basic menu.

Speaking of elevating, Spring is a good time to enjoy a cocktail or two. Try this paleo mimosa from The Real Food Dietitian’s blog here, or get a keto mixology guide here.

Stop to Smell The Tulips!

One of the best things about Spring is the flowers. Whether you have your own garden to stroll through, live near a public garden or live in an area with house garden tours, or even just live in a city with public parks or a botanical gardens, it’s time to appreciate nature and the great weather.


I know, it`s not really the prettiest background, but the flowers themselves are lovely! (And the flower bed will look great once we put a bit of mulch down.) For more information, I love Old Tulip`s site, which is not a sponsored link at all and I just think they are the site to source because they focus on the preservation of heirloom varieties. I’m really big on heirloom plants as they are an important part of our culture that needs preservation as much as anything in a museum. If you want to buy some bulbs, Old House Gardens sells some wonderful antique varieties. (Also not a sponsored link.)

What is your favorite thing to do to welcome Spring?


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