5 Easy Steps For You for Better Spring Cleaning

My last post to Ring in Spring reminded me that it was time to go a little deeper with the cleaning. After all, the Cherry Blossoms were in bloom- it was time! Sure, it feels great just to tidy up a little and maybe do a spot of vacuuming, but it’s important to occasionally do a really thorough deep clean.


It’s really difficult to do a thorough clean with a ton of stuff lying around, so it may be a good idea to declutter. I find it’s motivational to tidy up along with a Youtube video of someone else doing the same. You may enjoy that as well!

I love to follow Hermione’s organizing videos. If you will need more than one day to get the job done, this video puts you in a sort of organizational retreat, helping you pull yourself and your stuff together in just one week. Surprisingly it worked for me, and I’ll be the first to admit I’m far removed from a Minimalist.

Want to do a big whole house decluttering? I like to use books to help me figure that out. You can get organizing books from your library, in ebook form on Overdrive, or buy your own book like “Decluttering at the Speed of Life” or Remodelista’s The Organized Home. Additionally you can clean out your junk drawer with a special edition of Real Simple here.

Let Your Machines Clean For You


Do you have a dishwasher?

Stick plastic organizers, sturdy porcelain knick knacks, and kid’s toys in there. But sure not to use a dishwasher on anything with paint or glued on decorations, or wash any plastic that is thin and flimsy as it may be the shrinkable kind and curl up like a shrinky dink in there, but a lot of things around the house you own can probably be cleaned without even a speck of elbow grease from you.

Do you have a washing machine?

Use this to clean curtain, the covers for your couch and decorative cushions, even the cushions and your bed pillows themselves. And while you’re at it stick your bed sheets in there, it’s probably been more than a week since you last did them and that’s the recommended frequency to clean sheets during allergy season (which, sadly, means Spring.)

Do you have a Roomba or similar device?

You should probably use that. Sure they aren’t as good at deeping cleaning the hard stuff like bigger crumbs or hairballs as a full vacuum, but you should take every short cut to clean you can get. If you can let a machine at least take care of the dust in the carpet and on the floor for you, why wouldn’t you?

Clean Smarter, Not Harder

Some cleaning just takes a bit of elbow grease no matter what. I’ve accepted that. However, aside from the basics like vacuuming or dusting, you can get cleaner grout and shinier floors without scrubbing away for hours or getting faint from toxic cleaning fumes. (I’m looking at you, Scrubbing Bubbles, for always almost knocking me out when I clean the bathroom before I switched to baking soda and vinegar).

ScratchMommy has all the diy organic cleaning recipes you could need and a cleaning checklist printable to match here, and try Bob from This Old House’s grout approach here.

If you aren’t sure how to do the basics of house cleaning, there are plenty of Youtube videos that will show you how to get it done like the one above, or you can turn to books in your public library or buy Good House Cleaning’s guide.

And once your bathroom is in tip top shape, you can head over to my review of some of my favorite bath time luxuries.

How do you do Spring Cleaning?


2 thoughts on “5 Easy Steps For You for Better Spring Cleaning

  1. I’ve recently found the YouTube channel Clean My Space and I think it’s freaking awesome. I never watched these sorts of videos until recently when I decided to start a major decluttering of my house. Let’s just say I’m on an epic journey!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! I hate cleaning myself but love a clean space, so when I’m doing it I like to follow a video and feel like I have company. Good luck decluttering!

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