The 10 Best Sweet Halloween Treats That Are Good For You!

Halloween is almost everyone’s favorite holiday. And basically everyone else has it as one of their top three. Who doesn’t like to have fun playing dressing up, hanging out with your friends, and getting free treats?

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Skip The Spooky Ingredients This Halloween Without Spooking Your Trick or Treators!

But if you focus on a healthy lifestyle, Halloween can be a stressful time. It’s a stressful time to try to keep people healthy without completely sabotaging the fun of the event, whether you are worried about family members who aren’t really on board with the whole being healthy thing or just trying to take care of your self.

But you don’t have to cave in to an ultimatum to either enjoy the night or just lock yourself up in your home so you can avoid being tempted by anything sweet and soo not a treat for your body’s health. Instead, you can be more moderate about the whole thing and have some treats in moderation. And if you want extra brownie points- er, well, chocolate points I guess- you can go one step further and make sure the candy you, your family, and any young trick or treators get is at least real ingredients your body knows how to process and handle.

So hang on to your pirate hat because we are going to dive in to treats that are healthy for you (in moderation, of course. Nothing is healthy when eaten in excess, silly, not even on a special occasion like Halloween!)

(Note: This post does not have any affiliate links whatsoever. I don’t profit from this at all, I just love candy!)

Three Musketeers

This chocolate mousse treat with a hard chocolate outer shell is my all time favorite candy, so I shamelessly plugged it in as the first entry even though it’s not actually the favorite candy in any state. Don’t ask me why, if it were up to me I’d get these treats almost exclusively. Well, I mean technically as an adult it is up to me what kind of candy I buy, but realistically I don’t buy my favorite candy very often at all. You know exactly why I do that. I bet you don’t buy your favorite candy very often, either!

But if this is your favorite candy like it is mine, take heart. It turns out there are plenty of healthy alternatives for all your favorite candies, and this is no exception! Even better, you can save money when you make DIY 3 Musketeer bars! How’s that for a great treat?


Every eats M&Ms. Most people even like them. For myself, I kind of like them best as a Summer candy- they were after all INSERT LINK invented to have that candy coating keep the chocolate contained on hot Summer days when chocolate tends to melt away into your hand (or at least good chocolate does. Chocolate that doesn’t really melt easily either has cheap synthetic stabilizers INSERT LINK linked to health problems or higher quality natural waxes that deter melting but dilute the chocolatey flavor too much for my liking). But still, I do like to pop little bits of candy between my teeth and feel it slowly melt in my mouth, one by one.

This is a super easy candy to find organic versions for. You just have to be sure to search for it using the generic name of the candy, “chocolate gems”, which literally no one has heard of, instead of the brand name people call every candy coated round chocolate they see.

Unreal sells great chocolate gems that look and taste exactly like M&Ms, but have organic chocolate that is fair trade and sustainably sourced (which is a major concern you should have when buying chocolate!) You can buy chocolate gems directly from Unreal, or through Thrive Market.

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Almond Joy

I love Mounds, as well as its close cousin the Almond Joy. Who doesn’t like sweet coconut covered in a hard chocolate shell? Even better, with a piece of almond gracing that coconutty goodness? I sure do love it myself.

You can get a plain organic mounds chocolate bar at OCHO, or even buy Halloween candy as you usually do in a mixed bag of fun sized candies- but these are all organic and real!


A butterfinger is a peanut butter confection covered in chocolate. I know that doesn’t sound too special, but somehow the peanut butter is the texture of hard candy that is broken up into smaller pieces- not shattered or anything, you understand, just more like thin wafers of toffee stacked on top of each other or something- and the texture and taste of it is kind of addictive. Have no fear though! You can get the same sensation from a healthier sugar application! If you don’t have a corn allergy you can buy an organic Thumbs Up bar, or make your very own super accurate homemade (though not particularly health focused) version by following Pastry Chef Online’s tutorial or an organic and corn allergy friendly Butterfinger recipe at Chocolate Covered Katie!

Close up rainbow gummy bears on wood surface

Gummy Bears

Who doesn’t love gummy bears? They are adorable! But we both know the focus of the gummy is all about the chew. A nice not-too-sticky chew that stretches a little when you bite but won’t get your teeth stuck together like excessively sticky salt water taffy has an annoying tendency to do.

You should be glad to know that thankfully, gummy bears are probably the easiest-to-find organic candy next to the plain chocolate bar. You can get organic gummy bears in bulk, in smaller packages, in stores or online. Wholesome’s fruit chews are an easy online option.


Chocolate, peanuts, and caramel walked into a bar. And then I ate them, because what else do you do with a candy bar?!? (Yes, I did make a candy pun there. You’re welcome.) Snickers advertises itself as a healthy snack to tide you over. I think that’s about as accurate as someone calling thousands of stolen lakes, beaches, and rivers “an inconvenience”. Still, though it is obviouslly a candy and not some health food, there are organic alternatives that can give you a happy little treat moment if eaten in a healthy serving size. OCHO has a quality peanut butter caramel chocolate bar.

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Candy Corn

Even though it can feel like everyone hates it online, candy corn is still a popular treat that is sold in massive quantities. It’s a shame, though, because this candy is basically just colored solid corn syrup. Have no fear though! You can have equally fun and tasty candy corn that is made with much better-for-you ingredients. It’s another candy that is surprisingly easy to get organic- even organic trick-or-treater ready packages!

Peanut Butter Cups

For people like me who like chocolate and peanut butter separately, there is nothing sweeter than joining the two together. Even better, you can choose between almond butter or peanut butter candies at Unreal!


Bubble Gum

Most bubble gum sold in American stores is made out of plastic. It’s not harmful to you per se, despite the decades long children’s myth that swallowing gum will make it stick around in your gut for 7 years. But plastic pollution and typical bubble gums made out of different plastics and left on streets as litter are an increasingly big problem for our planet, and one of the easiest ways to fight it is to switch to old fashioned gum (or I guess you could call it new fashioned gum, depending on how you look at it) made out of real ingredients that decompose once you’ve stopped chewing.

Chicza fair trade gum and organic Wild Gum are both made with organic chicle, a tree ingredient that can be harvested without harming or cutting down trees (so you are basically paying to keep forests standing when you buy things made from similarly live tree harvested ingredients like chicle, cork, and maple syrup which I fully support!)


When I was a kid my favorite candy was War Heads. They are super sour, and somehow that made me feel hard core just eating them. It might have also had something to do with how I didn’t really drink anything as a kid and was constantly dehydrated (I was a weird kid who was scared of drinking any beverage for some reason. No, I don’t really get why), so sour was kind of the default my mouth tasted like all the time. I guess that meant I had to eat something super sour for it to stand out? I don’t know.

What I do know is that I still love sour candies, and you probably enjoy them as well. But did you know a lot of sour candies are made from citric acid grown from black mold? Yeah. It’s gross. Potentially harmless, unless you have a weakened immune system (like me) or are allergic to the corn syrup the mold is typically fed with (also a problem I have) or even just want to minimize how many GMOs you eat (yep, once again this includes me). But even if you do have problems with typical citric acid, you don’t have to worry, because you’re a smart cookie who’s going to get better-for-you sour sweets this year!

Sour chew and hard candies are available at just about all of the organic candy stores, but these sour pomegranate drops are just the ticket for me!

Be a Halloween Hero: Pass Out The Candy. Just Assuage Your Conscience by Making it Real Ingredient Candy.

I love candy. And I like to keep my body in decent healthy. So I love easy low hanging fruit switches I can make to still enjoy the holidays and events that matter to me without completely screwing over my health. Taking the time to sub out artificial candies for real food treats is something easy even you have time to do with an internet connection (after all, you were probably going to buy standard Halloween candy online anyways) and it can make you feel good knowing you are taking steps in the right direction to take care of yourself.

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