10 Best Halloween Costumes That Won’t Make You Freeze

Need to know how to pick a costume that keeps you cute AND warm? Need a costume last minute? Read on!

Last Minute Upcycled Halloween Costumes You’ll Love

According to the Farmer’s Alamanac, this year will be cold and snowy in the North East and Midwest United States, and cold and rainy in the North West and South West. That’s basically the entire country getting a cold front this Winter! And though yes, technically, Halloween happens in the Fall, it can still get too cold for comfort even on warm years.

But this is an easy problem to solve! Just pick up a last minute Halloween costume that is warm, cute, and easy to pull together from stuff you probably already have.


Pssst! If you need a last minute costume, this list is also for you!

Look, I’m guilty of procrastinating in holiday preparation. If even my Christmas tree goes up the week of Christmas, you know that my Halloween costume is almost always something I plan from my closet and makeup options the night before. Maybe you do that too? (It’s fine if you do, we’re all in this together!)

Especially since it’s a weird source of pride of mine to not buy a cheap polyester plastic costume to use just once a year, or even worse just once ever, it’s important to me to be able to pull something together from stuff I have last minute.

Besides, even if you’re an outfit procrastinator, you deserve to be able to Google something up real quick and find a costume that looks cool and is practical.

10 Best Halloween Costumes That Won't Make You Freeze, on mint circle on pumpkin background, The Great Zambini's Out of The Hat

Beat The Chill with Cool Costumes that Keep You Warm

Because you deserve better than to freeze all night just for the sake of being cute!

Costumes Starring a Leather Jacket

leather jacket,art patches,heart leather gloves, purple hair punk look

Katniss Everdeen

Katniss is badass and simply dressed, which is a great combination for a last minute outfit!


If you have a burgundy motorcycle jacket and pants with cool zippers on them as well as motorcycle boots, then you have enough gear to make a good enough Starlord costume. The mask is a cool addition, but it’s really not necessary to give off the vibe that you are Star-Lord, especially if you wear any Guardians of the Galaxy paraphanelia like the new GOTG emoji pins Disney just released on your jacket or you carry around a figurine.

Costumes Featuring a Blazer

Bob hair cut African American Woman, navy windowpane blazer,long tail purple pinstripe button up, yellow heeled shoes,plaid in purples red blues,fishnet stockings,city scene


Beetlejuice is creepy and crawly, but perfect if you have some makeup and the right kind of suit set for the look- or if the thrift store does!

Willy Wonka

Whether you stan the first movie or you love the Johnny Depp remake, Willie Wonka seems to always walk around with a blazer or tail coat on. Hey, if you have a top hat handy, why not be the quirky man with all the candy?

Ring Master of a Circus

Old timey circuses always had a ring master in a red blazer or red tail coat. There is no exception, as far as every animated and live action movie has shown. If you have a red blazer, this is THE costume that’s perfect for you!

Long black jacket with crossover purse black leather,jeans,chelsea boots,hat, and carved wood antique door

Costumes Using a Long Coat

Mary Poppins

Who doesn’t love Mary Poppins? She’s magical, strict yet fair, and introduces children to talking inanimate objects. Her look is easy enough to pull off if you have a black hat, bobby pins to do your hair up, black skirt and tights, red bow tie, white button up shirt, and either a tapestry bag or a parrot umbrella. Bonus points if you put daisy hair clips on the hat, but it’s not required.


Dressing as a dementor from the world of Harry Potter requires wearing all black clothes, a long black coat on top of you, and a black scarf or pillow case over your head and face to look suitably inhuman.

Paddington Bear

Paddington bear is one of the easiest outfits out there. If you have a navy colored long coat-a trench coat, a toggle coat, basically any non-puffy coat will do-a red hat, and tan colored pants, then you are the bear.

I always have a pair of khakis and a red knit hat for Winter, so this is an easy DIY to do for me. Hopefully you can do it too!

woman in fur coat laying on leaves with black lipstick white contacts curling white body paint

Fur Coat Costumes

Of course, fur costumes can be made with faux or authentic fur. Don’t rule these costumes out just because they are fur!

The Cat in The Hat

The cat in the hat requires wearing white gloves, and a white fuzzy sweater with a black furry jacket open on top of it and plain black pants. If you have dark furry boots or shoes that would be a cool bonus, but it’s not a requirement.

Along with the hat! Do your best to get your hands on a white and red striped hat to get the full authentic look. You could even diy a top hat out of carboard and ribbon or duct tape, or strips of colored paper and tape– there’s lots of options!

Cruella De’ville

A black dress, white fur coat, red shoes, and duo tone hair are all you need to pull this costume off! Even if you don’t have a white and black hair wig ready to go, you could use temporary hair dye or even go super budget friendly and use white craft paint directly on your hair to get a similar effect.

neon exd out eyes and x stitched mouth details on black mask, wearing white hoodie, on black background

If you have the glow paint and black mask this would be a super creepy diy costume!

Hoodie Costumes

Little Red Riding Hood

Don’t happen to have a red cape on hand? Same. I wish I had one, but because capes aren’t the fashion du jour they cost a pretty penny online or in specialty places like Etsy. No problem though! Pick up a red hoodie, turn the sleeves inside and put them in a knot so they don’t show on the outside, and you have an easy diy red cape!


There have been a ton of modern zombie movies which feature the shambling undead in hoodies. You too can do the ultimate last minute costume of choice if you happen to have a hoodie lying around (who doesn’t?) and are willing to spend 10 minutes following a zombie makeup tutorial.

Halloween Costumes Can Be Warm, Green, and Still Give You Screams!

No matter how bad a procrastinator you are, or how cold Halloween will be this year, there is something out there you can wear that is warm and cute!

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